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So anyway that's the topic of the podcast we will will get into it in more detail at the end of the show but we've also got a bunch of other stuff we've got i sort of like continuing on monitoring some stories that we've been covering russia versus telegram there's new activity they're droop will get into new activity there including you're gonna love this a google spreadsheet of the three hundred and fifty plus websites that have been now compromised in fact i made that the bitterly the bit lee shortcut link for the show anyone who's interested bit dot l y slash capital s capital n hyphen six six two and that will take you to the rather distressing google spreadsheet we've got believe it or not the return better than ever of row hammer that affects android smartphones we have major new bad news as i said related to specter also new crypto malware twitter's mistake with their passwords which has gotten a lot of coverage we have the new android p security features and i don't think we heard did we what piece stands for they want an asset to the fall okay pumpkin pie i don't know but at least as or pudding or i think they should change it before then because frankly it's a little unseemly to keep talking about their p okay yes we also have a crazy service for gdp our compliance this is the eu's privacy and security compliance which we've touched on before it comes into effect on may twenty fifth which is not far from now and what catches everybody's.

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