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Like hundreds of dollars were thousands of hours of knowledge and gone into this week but hundreds of hours of actual work. This website and this website is the beginning of funnel so as a marketer the beginning stage in the beginning stages. It's all about activating your tribe. We have like a twenty two point marketing plan and even longer than that but like in the beginning stage of market. Land the keys. Activate your tribe at the seth godin phrase. Right like your core fans you gotta get activates them. 'cause i'm trying to do more than best selling book. I'm trying to create a move the keys. Why you write books in my opinion. And i write books to make a small daniel world. I'm like in the in the north star. I want to impact millions of people so like my purpose. Would this book super crystal clear. I wanna have of mass coons over. Seventy seven million millennials and spire millions of millennials. Who may not have hope right now to realize that they are richer and they think that they're stronger than they know. Their dreams can still come true. I think we have to. We have to help this generation overcome a lot of obstacles. They've been putting their place. And so i'm super clear. Wyan doing my work. And i think that that's really important. I'm not doing my work to have another basketball. So from that clear. Purpose comes the marketing plan. And i go back to like stage warn going through the funnel if you go to the locking factor dot com and you can still go through the funnel you can actually see how we activate our tribe so we had a campaign where we started with right. Now they're seven hundred twenty people that we have identified like your core fan and what we get into marketing. You said we are not looking to have you join us to buy a book. I'm gonna spend the next two months with you. Casey through the book. Put it in your hands before.

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