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Finish second to end up in november against fine still lose twice he probably will lose twice kazaa that's what she did and she got trumped by comma harris now this is a ridiculous wacky system in apparently newsome is trying to boost john cox because he does want to face a republican in november and he's actually interesting he's running ads to try to get people worked up to go to the polls and these would be republican people he wants them to actually show up and boost a candidate like john cox finishes ahead of tony villar and he can have cox's opponent right cox doesn't have as much money as newsom so newsome is running positive ads now newsom thinks they're negative ads but you know for cox cox got the trump endorsement well to trump voters in the state and there were a lot of them that's a good thing so that's good news for kokstad that message spread around that trump supports them described by george skelton as a wink wink attack add a narrator says johncock stands with donald trump and the nra and it's called gun laws a waste of time opposes background checks and a ban on assault weapons basically john cox guy trying to get republicans to show up to see the put him at number two when the vote coming up in november we got more coming up that's a good break for cox john and ken kfi and king is news the city of la has added eighteen thousand six hundred forty three residents between july of two thousand sixteen and july twenty seventeen and according to the census bureau remains the second largest city in the us with three million nine hundred ninety nine.

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