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Get the appointment with Anthony Perry, get all the details. Read all the five print Find out about these great fixed annuities. Some of these fixed annuities come with first year bonuses of up to 15 to 20%. That number again is 888755 88 87 Anthony, Our time is up for this week's program safe money, Talk radio. Some parting thoughts. Well, folks, thank you for listening. We hope you learned something. We hope you had a good time last a little bit. But if you and risky investments right now, if you have your retirement funds And risky investments. Now's the time to consider going into a fixed annuity Fixed annuity is very safe and insured. It's insured by very large and highly rated insurance company with certified public accountants in You have access to your funds monthly quarterly annually. If you need those funds, you could take a lifetime income immediately. You could take your required minimum distribution immediately conventional like any other investments. Like any other investment. You could take all your funds a term or you could keep your funds and you could pass your funds onto your beneficiary and 16. But he's come with a bonus of anywhere between 15 to 20% folks. Now's the time to do this. The stock market is very risky. We call it the Wall Street casino. It's dangerous. Could lose a lot of money if you just go back to history. Dow. The last financial crisis lost 36%. Yes, And he lost 38 almost 39% and the NASDAQ was down 43%. It could happen again, Folks. Now is the time to do this before it's too late and you lose a lot of money, folks. We would love you have a safe and enjoyable weekend fixed index annuities or decided to launch her needs for retirement income. They provide guarantees against loss of principle. Accredited interest on offer the reassurance of a death benefit for your beneficiary..

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