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Awad of wonderful stuff as usual people can go to the stream dot org. What shall we talk about? Well, I have a piece of that's on a related topic. It's called the Christ Church killer and cardinal the Neal's traders to Christendom, I. The origin of that horrible disgusting attack on innocent Muslims civilians in New Zealand. What is behind the ideology of the man who did that horrific crime? And what are you say in the article, I think the ultimate responsibility for actions like that lies with liberal Christians, left wing Christians who watered-down Christianity and turn it into a social Justice religion that approves of all sexual deviations and that puts fixate on liberal politics. Open borders, socialism big government program. What why what's the what's the connection? Okay. Killer like previous killers. Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh at one thing in common. They had rejected. Christianity they had walked away from it. They decided that it was a kind of civilizational suicide cult that was so bench on openness and kind of facility and even pacifism that they got disgusted with it. And they became race cranks. They became fanatical tribalist. They were overweight, they reacted to the opposite extreme they were so repulsed by the kind of sleaze easy, boys. What do nothing is a liberal Christianity that they look for something solid. They look for something with some spine. But of course, what they shows was evil was fanatical with hateful. And I think actually trying to make Christianity into a kind of suicide. Call weed says, well, we're gonna let millions of people in who are intolerant of us. And we're gonna. To let them vote. You have something you have to welcome the stranger. You're not allowed to defend yourself or you defend your country. They have made Christianity insofar as it. You know that version of it is so repulsive that people are going to walk away from it and some of them are going to become racial extremists. Because they want to hold onto something solid. And there is absolutely nothing. Solid about liberal Christianity. What I talk about in the in the essay, there's this Belgian cardinal Godfrey Daniels. He just died, and he was one of the the lead guy. And getting pope Francis elected. He led the conspiracy that got pope Francis elected poke in order to change the church guide recently pope Francis praised in we call them zealous pastor. In fact, he was one of the worst bishops on earth. He congratulated the Belgian government for legalizing same sex marriage. He said the church had never objected to the fact that there's a sort of marriage between homosexuals that's a direct quote. Wow. When they wanted to legalize abortion in Belgium, people were worried that the king would refuse to sign the law. He urged the king to sign the law. This is Jordan. Belgium under his leadership has gone from a reasonably strong church too. It's almost debt virtually no one attends mass. But worst of all cardinal deals had the worst sex scandal on earth. There are hundreds of priests molesting children, and we have him on audiotape confronting a victim of child molestation. A man who was molested by his own uncle who was the Bishop. We have to kneel telling him to shut up about it blaming him for basically seducing, his uncle and threatening him. If he goes to the pump. Wow. Wow. Wow. Well, if you. Pope Francis elected who died and pope Francis. Just praised him. This is the kind of corrupt decadent open borders. Lax Christianity that makes people disgusted and they walk away. And sometimes, unfortunately, they embrace it discussing extreme like this Christ Church killer. But as I say in the article, it's much more likely than men like him are not going to be killing Muslims. They're going to be becoming Muslims where they will find groups like ISIS, and I'll Qaeda and Boko haram, we openly embrace massacres like the one in New Zealand, well and not just that, but openly embrace the idea that tribalism racism, genuine, xenophobia, genuine, ostracisation of the other capital is right. This is the irony. We're living in a time where the people on the left are accusing conservatives or people who voted for. Trump as being xenophobic other hating bigoted racist tribalist, and the reality is ironically that by by by saying that they're neglecting those who are genuinely adopting these things and you're quite right. That this this man who murdered all of these people and the guy Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh, they all they all rejected Christianity and grabbed onto something which actually is ideologically closer to radical Islam. But we don't talk about that. Right. What what I'm saying is by making Christianity in in the in the liberal version of it into a literal suicide cult they are driving people to extremism like that. Because they're they're eviscerating. Christianity Lewis.

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