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And just the shia diversity of possibilities for and lgbtq life is what kind of excites me i mean just almost a random example as a film and the festival called dear freddy about someone who was a gay man in the czech republic in the 1930s at a time when there were very few i'd gay men he was jewish and he went to ashford's and he died there but his story is not one is generally known and it's just thrilling to be able to at this stage in history to look back and educate people i think there's a lot that we don't know about our history there are lots of ways of being that you don't get in mainstream television or cinema and we owe it to the people who come after us to open doors for them when all the doors are open then it's fine you can just have a human film festival but for now i think we need that showcase and focus as had people can pile on to the booking platforms from tomorrom under the fifth and data kicks off here in on on the 21st the march mara and saying that's right so headon down take your pick this place she's from we know we're in london but we want people to join in our worldwide got project cole five films for freedom which last year one point eight million people saw a short film that was put on line so we want the world to share with us and if people can sometime during the festival but particularly on the 26th of march five films for freedom you'll see five short films from bfi flare hope monocle listeners might join that's brian robinson from the kfi here in london talking to me earlier and pfi flash festival begins only 21st of march and you can get your tickets from tomorrow monday the faith of march this is the more quickly.

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