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Campbell read on NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD Ranfurly police expanding the search for a couple who vanished over four days ago. Welson Garcia and her boyfriend Alphonso Hernandez disappeared last Tuesday. He's car was found abandoned your white rock lake hours after they were reported missing in dreadful, conditions grand prairie police and fire. Crews combed miles of shoreline at white rock lake yesterday searching for any sign of the couple grand prairie police. Spokesman Mark mazzetti or utilizing our sonar equipment to just skim the lake look for anything that may stand out look for any evidence and exhausted searched by boat foot and horseback went for four days Saturday, the couple's past is adding the urgency grand prairie police say Hernandez is wanted for allegedly assaulting Garcia late last month. A serious accident Friday night left. No one injured one arrested and a graphic display resulting from driving and drinking Rowlett police officer escaped a series. Serious crash unharmed Friday night, the department is now using the incident to warn people about the dangers of drunk driving. The driver who hit the officer's vehicle on I. Thirty was arrested for DWI, thankfully, no one involved was hurt. But the police department shared the photo on Facebook say many people like to enjoy adult beverage. However, let's all be adults and lineup sober ri- NBC fives. Katie Blakey, a forty year old man. And a child were injured in fire Friday night have died. There were two of five people critically injured in a house fire near Tyler all five were transported to local hospitals and related transported to hospitals in Dallas Fort Worth. And Shreveport the child died early Saturday. The man died later in the evening on adults and two children remain hospitalized in critical condition. Investigators found the fire originated in the living room and are still investigating the cause according to one website to Texas cities among the fifty worst places to live in the country that would be Rob's town and Belle Meade if you live there, they say, those are not great.

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