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And if him and Simmons together is going to work as a combo, he's got to be able to finish contested tough looks in the paint and he has Royce O'Neal was on my list because I feel like watanabe has been sung claxton's been sung. Royce O'Neal's shooting 40% from three, he's a starter, he's taken kind of that Joe Harris starting spot in manage his own. 17 four assists a game and I went back and watched a lot of his assists last night, so I was like, how is he averaging four and a half assisted game? It must just all be like, I randomly throw the ball to Durant and he makes a jump shot and whoop de do. Some of it is that. Some of it like they're using them as a dribble handoff guy. They're using it as a screener and picket rolls where he'll roll into open space and make the next pass. And he has this delightful connection with Kyrie Irving where they fool teams with the same thing once a game where he'll get the ball on the wing and Kyrie will come up for what looks like a dribble handoff and then cut like ten feet in front of Roy sunil just cut to the basket and fool defenses who are thinking the handle that's coming in Royce will hit them with that with that pass for a layup. He's a good transition passer. He's been really, really good for them. Give me another one. Playing off of that because the more I thought about all this, it just led me here and this is another slightly strange one, but not too far outside the box. There's an actual box involved in this one. Josiah and Shawn marks, they've took a lot of criticism and I think justifiable criticism, rational criticism for a whole lot of stuff in the way that they've handled a bunch of things. Kyrie stuff, the trade demand, all the instability of the last few years is all on net's leadership. But they dug in and said, we're not trading Kevin Durant unless we get the moon and the stars and the sun. And they stayed the course. They made the coaching change at the right time. They didn't buckle in the off season when Durant was making noise about them or me and all that, which I never believed he actually wanted anybody fired. He was just trying to play the last cardi had left to force a trade. They said, no, and they stuck with everybody. And again, they've screwed up a lot, I think, frankly, well, and according to all the plugged in insiders, Jacques van was not their first choice is head coach. And there's that. And that was also problematic. To say the least to say the least. And thank you for reminding me of that because it was initially on my list of things that I wanted to caveat about their leadership. That was not a moment of glory for them as they flirted with the idea of bringing emu doco just weeks after he'd been suspended for a full season by another NBA franchise. Under a cloud. So and look, this could all still go sideways this season as you and I have discussed. But the trade for Russia O'Neill was excellent. The signing of you to watanabe, the signing of TJ Warren, who's now become a really important rotation player. Playing great. And again, the draft of and I was off by one pick. Nick Lashley was actually the first pick of the second round, not last in the first round. In 2019, Nick claxton, you know, Sean marks pick and is now developed really nicely. I didn't like the James Harden deal at the time in part because I didn't like them trading away valued role players like Jared Allen and Keras levert and Jared Allen has become an all star in Cleveland and you could, you know, over and over again do the 2020 hindsight thing and say, look, if they just had, they just never made the trade and they just had Jared out. Well, claxton is starting to make that look a little more palatable to say the least. So I just, you know, marks and I have gotten a lot of, again, justifiable criticism for a bunch of stuff, but on the broadly speaking and even on a lot of the details, they've done a great job to put the nets in this position that we're now praising them for this 12 game winning streak. Give me your last one. I think we got one more left on the back list. Once again, went off the court. Evan wash. At NBA headquarters. Don't make me still make me do this. Playing God. Playing got Evan Washington his crew. They're the ones behind the plan. They're the ones behind a lot of these. He's the one. He's the one that LeBron by name. By not name, but without his name, said should be fired. Yes. For coming up with the play in, until the Lakers needed to play and to get in the playoffs. All of a sudden I'm not here in a lot of play and criticism coming from that camp anymore. Those elements in combination, I think, are at least partially responsible for a lot of the competitive, what do we call it competitive balance? It's not really parody, whatever it is. We have a really competitive regular season, and I think it is at least a partially based on those influences. His crew is also, of course, responsible for all the schedule optimization that is reduced travel and wear and tear. There's still too many stars resting, frankly, despite all the schedule optimizing, I don't know if there's any more optimizing that can be done to get guys on the court more often. That's a problem the NBA is still facing. It is a problem that back to our earlier discussion is being discussed within the framework of the CBA and I don't know what the solution is there. There's still too many stars missing games, but you know, I want to throw in Washington screw in there just because like I do think that the way that the regular season is being reimagined with some of these other influences, the midseason tournament is almost certainly coming. I've been skeptical of it. I remain skeptical of it, but they're batting a very high rate on these tweaks that are trying to revive or energize. I should say the regular season and it's been pretty good. By the way, they got the Christmas schedule. They also do the schedule Evan Washington's crew, and they got the schedule mostly run on Christmas two. We had like, you know, what 5 MVP candidates playing? On Christmas and you couldn't foresee that Zion and was going to be healthy enough for the pelicans to be there or that Kevin Durant was even going to be a net for the next to be there. You couldn't foresee to step injury or Booker. I could foresee that the Knicks would not be quite good enough to merit the Christmas tree. But the 17th consecutive season. They're the Detroit Lions of the NBA. They're just like the lions are always on Thanksgiving, right? It doesn't matter how good or bad the lions are. Is that still the case? They're always on things. Well, but you could tell me like, yeah, Zion's health and KD's and I said, it's still just put the pelicans on. Get the Knicks off, put the pelicans on. I agree. Some kind of weird NBA tradition now.

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