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And the promo code is grilling you could tell patterson a pat patterson late pat patterson deeply involved in this also. Rock have been watching some other wrestling because he's adding lot of new moves to what he's doing and the nice here. That was a shame that that closed from behind and another close on. It takes drop to the outside as jericho sailing. and shane didn't hold back on that close clotheslines. Even though he's here's working with a great one and that's that's good he didn't quote unquote take care of him or other very fiscal match taking a lot of bumps on the outside that black gnat. That's there were seeing right here at ringside was about. I guess about an inch. What much did offer some protection. Yeah it's better than when cowboy. Bill took all the maths away. Wcw so the guys who take a bumps on concrete which almost created a mutiny. Sometimes oh school you could go back too far a necessarily amount of an example. That van damme. I said you. He had educated feet great line. It's been used forever Balanced obvious that balances just her and when he missed some credit. Big frog slash He he did it in a big way. Yeah because she got a cell long for rocky his cell in and get up did he had been repackaged in this era as like a self help eru. Did you like that version of his character better than the stalker 'slowly stalker was was unrealistic because he was real stalker which all social portray real people now the spine on the time pined buster. So now that the great ones getting ready to assist you. But i thought it was unrealistic. Conrad i don't know that a four says about task. I don't think that W eighty-one we're who you know. I'll i'll take responsibility to senator. Dejesus or task created agree. And i don't think we did. Justice for dc just I don't know why he was as light as he is as he should have been he can be. You know you've been around duty. Yeah he he likes control the room and talk and talk often but i think he's one of the greatest overachievers history pro wrestling without question or got to start in his mid thirties. And i had the run that he had this is. Nobody thought saw this jericho blood vatteroni outside couldn't do anything about the interference to own one and robin beat. The rock and the crowd is stunned. They are stunned. I you know. I've said this before. I don't like knowing the finish jericho. Hammers iraq right between the eyes. Steel chair chair cause bleeding and of course she gets up to the outside in the meantime in between time rockets in the shows you your team for the rock was even though he he got hit with a chair. Issue did this a lot of guys in his status. Say no don't right. You get jerko. Buddy beat him but the but rob van dam. Beating derogatory commercial was nothing short of very creative bookie because now you got an appointment for the rock. You people know can beat rock. If if the devastat correctly the rock had an out. You always want to give you top baby face or you're talking to you when they do the owners they'd lose pin polar submission. You gotta given out some way so it convinced storytelling in successive rematch. That is believable and inviolable. See Clip here from new york showing a little segment from sunday night the night before and was like a talk show set up here with crispin wa as one of the guests here. You guys probably did all kinds of events like the trying to drive traffic. so the restaurant Yeah absolutely to get people reason to to To to to go eat and ensure themselves lance storm in ivory are the guests here There's so much talent on this roster. It almost feels like you're having a really start picking who what when where wa right. I mean you almost have more talent than you have. Tv time with this influx of talent from wcw and battalion heavy but this really sugar to a new level. This is probably not the most fun time to be head of talent relations. Because unfortunately you're going to have to deal with some financial realities right correct and egos lance storm. I love this line. If i can be serious or minute. Yeah store trained trained bryant. Tillman junior ironically in calgary alberta canada and same place at Ryan's father got trained in heart. Dench like alexei information. I think offense enjoyed that sometimes. Another underrated talent. Both these guys weighing storm is fundamentally sound. Anybody we ever had. And i thought i really was very underrated as well. Here's a spitfire. She she she was so much better than some of the young divas that We were utilizing. It's not even funny. Shanna play here at work. You arm sean. Replay here initially that big tag team at jericho. Waffled the rock. That still chair in the face now. The crack medical staff dialogue here. Who would have thought you know what this would look like for them. Twenty years later..

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