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Hulo bianca. How are you? I'm okay. How are you? We're fine. So it says here, you broke up you and your boyfriend broke up. We broke out. We've been dating for like around the it was going to be like six months at this Monday. Yeah. Six months, isn't that long though? The. So hard to find love and in the city just to play devil's advocate here. Six months is not kidding me. That's an iphone love with Michael within the first month. Like, you probably in love it, you guys they love each other. You don't have that many members in six months marriage. There are worse levels of scarring. Okay. Either way it's fresh can we agree to that? So like before this happened, obviously, I was getting ready for Valentine's Day, and I got like really to lingerie. And then we broke up and now, I'm like, okay. I have this laundry, my friend to like, oh, keep it and use it for like the next guy. And I'm like, I don't know. I don't know if I should do that why deferred Sistani now for the next guy. Well, what kind of lingerie is it like everyday type of unblock Andrea that you can just wear a matter. It's just isn't this principle? It's like super sexy that you're just going to wear for the man type of thing. Then I think it's easier to have it for somebody else because you bought it for that relationship person kind of bat it's like super sexy like downpayment. It's like a special type right novelty. Yeah. I return it. Get your money back and buy yourself, a cute outfit. I return it. Because then I'm like, oh my God. I feel like Ben is really over. I'm like holding on to hope that maybe hold like call and we'll be back together. Did you have an opinion? I say you put it on tonight. Get your hair done a little bit of makeup and post read picture. Oh god. That is not. Make it a poll put a poll question underneath like should. I keep it or let it go. Oh, no. Well, look, I mean, that's that's an aggressive approach. The other coaches just to let it be for the moment. And let's just see where it takes you. Maybe he does call you back. Maybe he's not meant to call you back. But maybe you don't do anything transactional. Just yet. If you broke up with you, why do you want to take them back? I just feel like it was like, I don't know. It was just. I feel like he's just going through stuff at work in my hugest really stressed out. There was just something that added to the strap is like the relationship because I'm like, let's say. Was like, oh, this is too much. And so I think he just got scared. And I think that he really loves me was a little scared and go. Oh. Keep waiting around. You have an array of opinion. Here you take what suits you the best and Bianca, good luck. Everything in life is happening. As part of the big script here. Good luck, Bianca Jagger. Ryan, she's gonna do a poll the poll ideas genius. Was that your idea Tanya? So is it. Ryan as a guy is a guy. Would you be offended? If your girl was wearing lingerie that she had. Okay. Then a hundred percent, but I'm not weighing in on. This is like you guys take the lead. You don't have to tell him, by the way. Was meant to be for the other day. She puts it on. And where's it to bed for herself? Yes. I agree returning. We have many opinions she should use. What suits our best one.

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