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Today on something you should know some of the most interesting moments from past episodes including what makes special moments in your life so special what's college have found is that looking back on our experiences we tend to disproportionately recall two moments in particular the peak which is the most positive moment in a positive experience and the endings then communications expert and legendary actor alan alda talks about the importance of really connecting when you speak with someone i know i've had plenty of conversations where i haven't paid much attention to the other person and that's not connecting that's not relating also understanding how you learn so you can learn better what every single study has found is that the rate of learning for the rate of improvement is baptist during those first critical early hours all this and more on this best of episode of something you should know somethingyoushouldknow fascinating intel the world's top experts and practical advice you can use in your life today something you should know mike carruthers but four or five times a year i like to go back and revisit some of the best moments from earlier episodes of this podcast because as much as i'd like to believe everyone who listens to this podcast listens to every episode and listens all the way through and in hangs on every word that's just my little fantasy and i know it's not reality and so i think it's worth going back and shining a light on some of those great moments from earlier episodes so today i want to look back at some of the the great moments from the last few months of last year and we begin with looking at some of the special moments in your life when you think about it your life is really just a series of moments strung together so why is it that we remember some of those moments better than others wire certain moments more important than other moments and can you create more good moments.

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