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Give us supply of vaccines thing says it's a problem Cities across Texas really are dealing with Family emergency room and see the park and UT Dell Medical School or the two new hubs. They join Austin Public Health, which has been hub since the rollout began on that know, the Texas Department of State Health Services says the fives or vaccine shipment that was expected to arrive yesterday has been delayed. A snag on the federal level is being blamed for this. Instead, the shipment should be arriving today. Officials say 55 of the state's providers have been affected by the delay. Hays County Judge Rubin Maceira, echoing the frustration expressed by other city and county leaders over the vaccine Rollout, Hays counties getting its first shipment this week. But Miss Sarah says the state really hasn't provided very much information, including the specific number of doses being allocated and we don't know if and when we'll get more. We are truly in the dark, like the rest of the community. It is believed his county we get just under 3000 doses, but But Sarah says, Until the vaccines are officially in the county's possession, the online registration portal will not be turned on. As of today to campuses in the manor school district have shifted to 100% virtual Presidential Meadows Elementary and Maynor senior high, we'll make the move temporarily, according to district officials. This is because of a high number of staff needing to quarantine at the moment, so on campus classes will not resume until February, 1st 2021 Texas Legislature is 19 weeks left to get a lot of stuff done. Even amid the pandemic school funding remains a constant issue. Whether or not they can make good on promises they made through HB three in the last session, which was the school funding bill. This is a bill which is gonna be effectively 13 to $14 billion price tag. Political scientist Brandon Rotting House says. What makes it difficult is that the pandemic has led a lot less sales tax money. State also has to pay for health related items because of Covina. 18 Former Travis County Judge and current state Senator Sarah Eckhardt, is pushing a gun control measure aimed to protesters understandable 3 11 carrying a gun within 500 ft of a demonstration would become a criminal offenses. If passed, it would take effect on September 1st of this year. However, it is very unlikely that such a proposal would pass muster in the state legislature. Governor, Greg added, will be in Houston today for discussion with health care workers on the ongoing fight against coronavirus. He'll also be providing updates on the state efforts to get more vaccine out and will also lay out his main priorities for the legislative session, including dealing with the pandemic. As we have been reporting this week, Travis County Health Authority Marquess God has been trying to get all lawmakers vaccinated Health authority, Dr Mark S. Scott tells the Dallas Morning News He's been offering the shots. The legislators and staffers is they work the current session. In previous statements, doctor s got explained the mass gathering should be addressed it would you have to recognize that the number of people the duration of the contact and the nature of the contact is going to lead to increased risk of transmission, he says. Up to 10 lawmakers have accepted his offer and Friends of decision, saying he doesn't believe in this breaks any rules. John Cooley News radio K O B. J Plan is in the works to overhaul South Pleasant Valley Road by adding new divided Lane sidewalks. Bypass Mobility Authority engineer Mike Sexton tells gags and the plan would realign the road and connected with S. H 45 to improve safety. The road today needs needs an improvement already just because there is already significant amount of traffic demand in that area $12 million project that still needs full approval. But construction could begin sometime next year. And right now it's about 65 degrees in round rock. And I'm Patrick Osborne, you get Austin News on demand at news radio K l b j dot com. Hey, this is Don Prior here with Todd Jeffries. You are listening to the very best of Todd and don. And we're gonna be live at 5 30. So you stay tuned. You're listening to the best of Tide and don on news radio K O B. J. The Texas Restaurant Association is hopeful that alcohol to go will become ah, law across the states. You have a Greg Abbott has promised to make that happen. During the next legislative session. It's underway and the association's president Emily Williams, night, As she tells Cabe you she thinks at least half of Texas restaurants would benefit from this. You feel strongly that when you look at the tax receipts across the state, you can clearly see that restaurants and hotels for the hardest hit now what? Last year The governor signed a waiver allowing restaurants to send alcohol home with food orders because of shutdowns and what he was, Knight says. That's actually helped restaurants immensely. I mean, you go to a liquor store, buy a bottle of booze. You should be able to go to your favorite restaurant to get a margarita. Exactly And as long as you're not drinking and driving, and it's in a sealed container, you get home Then you drink it. They've got they have some really high standards. They have to meet that she'll container thing and the whites labeled and things like that. But I think it's a great idea. You know you you can go to Matt's El Rancho, and you can get that Marguerite just to go. It's all kinds of places in town, where some of the best places in town to get Drinks to go. I mean, I'm trying to think of a few places you got the lead. That's pretty good Grove is pretty good. They got good cocktails. The republic up there in Leandro's Got some pretty good cocktails.

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