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Don't get sorted until this Saturday, but essentially a playoff game on Sunday night at Tennessee with a winner of the colts titan game heading to the postseason. I intend goal. Touchdown reception. Touchdown. Six. The coach hits twenty three to ten the call on one zero seven five the fan and the colts are playoff-bound ended up beating the Texans thirty three to seventeen Goldstein and Eric Hebron with a touchdown catch in the victory and he joined ESPN Sal paolantonio after the victory. This must be sensitive emotional win for this football team. I mean, everybody everybody pretty much put us in in a graveyard. So we just happy man we came out here. Just just put on a show, man. Play with confidence play with some fun replayed as a family, and we won back to that. Touchdown pass crossing zone down there. Put it right on ya. And he came down with it. And it was like that you guys throughout the game. Yeah. We were just we were just connect. And we know that we would be great today. A double somebody whether it be meal. I got one on one case that both of us. You gotta pick one of us. I was happy to get my one on one and just make the team. Hey, it's not easy to come into this tale and beat a defense. Like this like, you did what did it take emotionally physically to do this everything? There were a great defense. Are they don't wanna number one? Zero touchdown tight ends all year. So we know we know that I had to come up big big game..

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