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That they please contact the police so they're gonna start their search captain from the last known spot that we know that britney was at the blue water resort leaving peter's room and they're going to ask anybody that you know it could take our half an hour let's say roughly to walk that row back to her hotel anybody that took pictures in that area or filmed anything with their phone at that time give us a call 'cause we need we need is we need to see what was going on in that area at that time one of the things law enforcement was is going to be fighting as the fact that a lot of the people that were there the week britney was there probably left on that sunday might never have heard of this girl going missing you're correct and the early searches will provide a little to no information as to the possible whereabouts of brittany drexel by may second dawn her mother had appeared on nancy grace appealing to the public for help investigators had shifted their investigation to forty miles away this is in georgetown county the press reported that this was due to tips received in that may be the case because now we know that two days after her disappearance myrtle beach pd who has described britney as a quote heavy cell phone user was able to obtain britney cellphone records and what they found immediately moved the investigation to a high priority endangered missing persons case britney's phone had pinged at nine twenty seven pm so twenty nine minutes after her last text to her boyfriend john now this this pain was heading south on route seventeen in surf side beach seven miles south of myrtle beach at a speed indicating that she was in a vehicle even more distressing police all more pinks one at ten eighteen pm and one last ping at eleven fifty eight pm these were off tower three three two which is fifty miles south in georgetown county near the georgetown and charleston county line close to a boat landing on the north santee river and this was very concerning to investigators this was an area that was dark royal and swampy the fact that brittany's phone had been in myrtle beach at nine pm and then be lined to this godforsaken area within just a few hours did not look promising for britney police set up a search grid in the zone covered by tower three three two this is roughly a four by five mile area they're also going to be searching areas around this spot they began a massive search operation searchers used boats with sonar they use helicopters dogs horses and atv's now this is an alligator in festive area along with wild boars and poisonous snakes investigators were not optimistic about finding britney here apparently they warned that if britney or her remains were here they would likely be consumed by wildlife within six hours or less after eleven days of exhaustive round the clock.

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