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In this game. Damian Lillard. Lifetime was seven for 25 meeting. Seven wins 25 Losses versus Golden State. Guess he had enough 17 seconds Shoot lasers down. 1 18 left in the game in top of the key against baseball Step back deep free. Barry David Lilly from Distance and the Blazers link. Wanna wait one of six time out Warrior of City radio 6 20 with a call. They went over Golden State one. Oh, eight. The Windows six now Steph Curry at 35 on one side, but Damon Little the other side 22 points, including the game, winning three point shot and also drawing the charge to reveal and help the victim for the Portland Trail Blazers Me about the game of the night in Philadelphia. Jazz and 70. Sixers tied it 1 18 going in overtime, mainly because Jolan be did this and Pete is pushed by Bogdanovich nine seconds ago. Couples beyond the arc fates of three shoot the three. It's up ahead Good. My 0.9 together. Beat us tight, innit? Won 18 Nice. 1.5 the fanatic in Philadelphia with the call. They want a winning in overtime. 1 31 1 23 Jolan beat 40 points 19 rebounds, but after the game to jazz players, well, how to be officiating One name Rudy Gobert, the other one named Donovan Mitchell's saying that they are sick of this bleep bleep bleep this and believe the rest complete bleep bleep all over the place. You're never gonna get fine, but they do have a point. A couple of questions. Calls in that game Going is Utah and they had finally had enough of dealing with that, even though they said the best work in the MBA. By three games over the 76 years where they have game lead for the best work in the east over the Brooklyn Nets each and every night about this time we give you a little something, something that could be a rent or could be Rafe, but it's always something good that we like to call. Freddie and fit. Seven's.

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