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Life last Wednesday at the Capitol. About 20 minutes ago during our those were the days segment I mentioned that it was my daughter Jordan's birthday tomorrow, and I called her crackhead. Yeah, And then Justus. Soon as we got into the Rush Limbaugh segment, Tim, Mr. T Producer extraordinaire, looked at me quizzically and went crackhead. Yeah, I thought, Well, Okay, Well, um maybe some the rest of your wondering the same thing. Then again, maybe not. It's a nickname. And I am such a good father. I don't know. Okay from I do know when Jordan was about three Kramer side of the family is loaded. First of all with people, brothers and sisters, but they're most of them all have nicknames. There's ah, Sister Mary. They call boat. There's a sister Joyce. They call hoax H o a eggs because she used a hoax. Beef pulled a lot of hoaxes. There's a Woody, a rabbit bimbo. There's what they call Tommy. Tommy Kramer. Yeah, he's all I think he was always just Tommy. I've never heard teething PK. I think that you know how that is. What athletes? I think that started it Rice. It may have been once he got to the bikers. I don't remember. But there's on Jordan when she was Around three used to walk around the house singing Anita Baker songs. You know No one in the world. Talk to me Just because I'm just okay somehow. Her older sister, Kayla. Morphed. I need to start calling her Anita. Then it went to Nita. Then it morphed into Netta. Okay, telling you, man I went. I don't know. Somewhere along the line and again. I don't remember why. Maybe tonight will be a good time to ask. My wife had happened. They started calling her critical. Critical critical I I do remember after she was called that for a long period of time I said, I don't know any crinkles. I know a crackle from snap crackle pop, so just to be different, instead of calling her critical like everybody else, I started calling her crackle and again somehow crackle morphed into Crackhead. Okay? As far as I know, in case you're wondering, as far as I know, my daughter has never Done crack, okay? So I didn't want you thinking, you know, we're calling a crackhead because she's a national crackhead. I think your preference in drugs that I've never mind. Michael Palka host appear of health podcast before 7 30 The New Braunfels gun show this weekend only at the New Braunfels Civic.

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