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On the news has sponsored by Lindemann, Chimney, heating and cooling. Have been more than 1000 Cove in 19 deaths and Illinois over the past week. First W G and traffic the inbound Eisenhower solid from Ashland to the burn interchange. Tonight's 34 minutes Now from 3 92, the old post office watch out for an accident on the North bound side of I 55 just after 30 and an accident as well on the inbound Dan Ryan Express lanes at 47th. The Illinois surpassed 14,000 covert 19 deaths since the start of the pandemic. It was just one week ago that we reported Illinois surpassed 13,000 covert 19 deaths. The Tribune reports. Kobe deaths continue to be consistently high so far this month. The top health official in Illinois today reported another 190 covert deaths in the past 24 hours. She's encouraging everyone to get vaccinated soon as it becomes available to them as the public health leader for the state of Illinois. I want people to know that I will be getting the vaccine when it's my turn. And when it's available, she's director of the Illinois Department of Public Health Doctoring Garcia's Ikea, she again pleaded with a little residents to celebrate the holidays in their own homes and to avoid travel or gatherings. Someone who test negative today. Could be exposed tomorrow or on the plane or in the airport on, then spread the virus in the days after for those planning to go ahead with travel or gathering, she recommends testing before and after your visits or your travel. But please understand that having those test does not really give you a free pass and assure that there could be no transmission of a US senator Tammy Duckworth's Democrat for Illinois, was optimistic today that help could be coming soon for struggling restaurant owners. She told the Illinois Restaurant Association during a virtual town hall meeting today that there's been shared progress on another covert relief funding package just at the vote on the defense budget, So looks like it's gonna pass, which is a good thing. Now. The president is too threatening to veto it. But of the 100 senators. I think we had 86 so far, so it's very bipartisan coming out of the Congress just passed a bill that temporarily funds the federal government that buys more time for talks. On that job it relief package the U. S. Supreme Court has rejected at Texas lawsuit aimed at overturning Joe Biden's election victory. Theeighties Jackie Quinn. Reports. The highest court in the nation says the state of Texas lacked standing to pursue the case, not demonstrating why Texas should be challenging election results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin with unsubstantiated claims of fraud. Legal experts expected this lawsuit would fail and yet, 100 96, Republican members of Congress and 17 Republican attorneys general signed on to show President Trump their support to of those congressmen are from Illinois representatives. Mike Bost for Illinois is 12th district and during the hood for its 18th. Search crews were combing the ocean off Southern California again today from US sailor who may have gone overboard from the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt. The search started yesterday morning. After a lookout spotted what appeared to be a person in water. That's according to a statement from the San Diego based Third Fleet. One sailor was unaccounted for during a command wide mustard. Teenager in Kansas has broken the world record for the largest non typical white tail ever shot by a female. It's been certified that on September 6th just one day after the opening of youth deer season 14 year old Paisley worth harvested a 42 point Buck. While rifle hunting with her dad. After the mandatory 60 day drying period, the rack was officially measured by Boone and Crockett and pulled in and that score of 271 and 48 inches. She learned how to shoot for age. Chicago Walderman debated today naming Lakeshore drive for a black man who some credit with founding Chicago Jean Jean Baptiste Point to sob. All the proposal would rename about 17 miles of the outer drive from Hollywood onto the north to 67th on the South. Disabled was a patient. This descent he's believed to be the first non native settler in this area established a trading post near the Chicago River in 1970, not rather 17 79. The bill was introduced by the South Side's 17th word Ultimate David Moore and the Transportation Committee says they're holding up or down vote by April. A superintendent of East or Aurora School District, 1 31, Dr Jennifer Norell has begun a program that aims to have all graduating seniors able to read and write at least two languages. We are looking ultimately to achieve the goal of having every 12th grader that graduates high school from our district be not only bilingual, but also by literate. And we know that that will be a game changer for them, no matter what Career path they take W Chance. Steve Bertrand on Chicago's afternoon news, WGN SPORTS NBA Preseason Tonight. Game, one of four of the Bulls hosting the Houston Rockets at the United Center and the Rockets taking advantage of them. 66 44 with about 50 seconds left in the second quarter looks good for the Texans at Soldier Field against the Bears that Sunday. They've got the all clear to hold the game with no positive covert 19 tests today at either program. The Bears are the one point underdog at home. 14th rate. Northwestern hosts Illinois tomorrow morning and big 10 football for the Land of Lincoln Trophy. A pregame at 10 30. The kickoff at 11 with David it, Ted Albrecht on 7 20, WGN and a WGN radio dot com Wildcats pulled off the upset last year and Champagne and the W G M forecast. The National Weather Service has issued a lakeshore flood warning in effect tonight into tomorrow, We'll see winds coming off the lake.

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