Vice President Biden, President Trump, Vice President discussed on Mark Levin


Scylla, Sarah Fox News, the Commission on Presidential Debates says during Thursday's presidential debate. President Trump and former vice President Biden won't be able to talk over each other because they're Mike's really muted for the first two minutes that they respond to each debate question. The open discussion of the debate will not have a mute button with just over two weeks until Election Day. Campaigning is in high gear. The president was in Arizona. The president told rally goers in Tucson after visiting Prescott, Arizona that if Democrats win, they will raise taxes and the economy will not recover. At the same rate, he said. They will dismantle Police Department's Biden will surrender your jobs to China. He was already a future to the virus, and he will surrender your country to the radical Socialist left. And you see that happen ahead of his rallies in Arizona, the president told reporters on the campaign call. He's going to win, and he would not have said that two or three weeks ago, Jessica Rosenthal Fox News for Vice president Biden's running mate, Senator Comma Harris was in Florida, saying the Biden team will expand affordable healthcare Ding on the success that he and President Barack Obama Created with the Affordable Care Act, which brought hell cared over 20 million people witness off the trail. His campaign says he's prepping for the debate. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected vote later this week to move the nominative Amy Cockney Barrett to the Supreme Court forward. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, blasting the move. Publican majority is trying to confirm the Supreme Court nominee in the middle of a national election. Republican majority is running the most hypocritical, most partisan and least legitimate process in the history of Supreme Court confirmation. It's believed there are enough votes in the full Senate for judge barrier to be confirmed to the High Court. America is listening to Fox News. Moose's The German shepherd, now 11, and he's been an amazing dogs so.

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