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Can't even let you go because you said, Let's take politics out of it while you're citing Trump for the reason we wouldn't even be talking about Donald Trump. If it weren't for politics, you know the fact that he's our president. Kevin. Come on, man. That's that's ridiculous. And I don't even know where you were going with that. But the fact that this is Trump's fault, are you What's wrong with you? What are you kidding me? Traffic and weather together from temp start heating and cooling products. Johnny Little bit of news near Grove City. That disabled semi cab has been cleared 71 North. Add 2 to 70 70 eastbound is starting to improve out to Miller Kelton after a pair of accidents removed to the side, But I laid one of 71 south near Spring Street to be careful if you're coming down out of the fairgrounds. We're still keeping an eye on 33 that is still being reported, closed in both directions from gender road to Hill and dialing as we're trying to get to and from Lancaster and Fairfield County, so plant some extra time as folks are picking up. Long road is a detour. Shannon Rhoda also 2 56. Traffic sponsored by T Mobile for Business T Mobile for business advantage. Get up to 90 Days of unlimited free on business plans Be a bill credits when you switch plus taxes and fees stop by for details over 50 gigabytes per month have lower speeds during congestion. Video at four p. P c t mobile dot com. Traffic and weather together from Thames Star and Custom air on Johnny Hill, NewsRadio 16 w TVs. Your ABC take first warning weather Chief meteorologist Marshall Peaks is 58 for the overnight low, 83 tomorrow and McGee, 82 muddy and sunshine both days over the weekend. Whether powered by the basement doctor 80 at your severe weather station, NewsRadio.

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