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Fish out of water that i don't know am i on my own show right now or is this another show with this is diamond and silk. By the way we're doing diamond and silk today day buddy wyman still. It's happening But the diamond. And you're silk. Now yeah you are. You're actually won something. I think i've said this before. The greek the word metaxas means the silk. The silk ker like the person who trades in silk the silk merchant or the person who make silk so probably you know four hundred five hundred years ago i had family that was in the silk trade in constantinople In any event. So i'm still your diamond. But i wanna say that mike lindell has big news in the next hour minutes. I'm not. I'm not kidding. You album you don't even know about this. You know i. I actually do. Because i watched the segment a little bit of newsmax when they allow them back on and he said something. But we're going to leave it. I guess all right okay. Also yesterday i was in touch with china phillips. She was one of the singers of wilson phillips. The you know the girl group in the ninety. S on yeah. I would think you help you did. But but She's the daughter of john phillips of the mamas and the papas and What's what's her mother. Her mother was so beautiful. Show i think michelle phillips if she phillips and john phillips to pass away john john phillips hoops and a half sister of While i'm not going to go into this whole thing. But the point is china is married to stephen baldwin's brother. Billy baldwin and china is a wonderful christian and i want to have her on this program very soon to talk to gave her story because a lot of people don't know that that she is very serious about her faith so we're going to be talking to her. We've got a lot of crazy. S coming up. I don't even know where to begin but there are a couple of things album that you wanted to mention that we have not been mentioning recently If people wanna get the hat you're wearing yes exactly this. Is it. feel free to radio program. You could talk okay. The hat and the t shirts and mugs okay. Three things hats t shirts mugs. You want to support the show. Get the hats t shirts and mugs and tell all your friends that you love the show and they should get hats t shirts and mugs. Even if they don't know who. Eric metaxas has the we just used to sell them. And then we stop for while but we put them back on. So we're people go for that. That's our whereas i access talk dot com. Well no they should go to shop. Metaxas dot com. Just go straight at metaxas. Talk dot com. I was looking on our radio website..

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