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I'm sorry this is your limit in and then if they complain this is probably something we need to implement right now to think of it because a lot of times in our home if you complain about something then you you're either volunteering for more of that thing like if you complain about your daily job if the bad then you've just volunteered for another one that day and so it really cuts all the complaints. Like almost to nothing. All you have to say is was that a complaint. No carrying out the trash i. It's it's that kind of thing. So even complaining about that boundary. Was that a complaint. Do we need to take two more minutes off that you know or whatever so interesting do you find it. I think sometimes. I find it almost hard to think of like discipline like how to discipline kids. I feel like it's the same thing over and over again and then the discipline loses its effect. Do you find it hard or have you found a way to when they do break those boundaries. Less come up with something. Okay so one thing. I learned by the second or third child. I started figuring out. I didn't want to be That kind of mom. Yeah and i thought with my. I i have to get my point across. I have to look mean after you know with this toddler shown. That's not okay. You know what. I found fun ways to to say. Here's the boundary. It's your choice. The ball's in your court. I know you can do a great job if you don't. I'll bummer. You've chosen this. I believe though that you can make a so. It keeps it on the positive. Okay i believe you can do this. So one of the biggest things i hear from the moms and i know from our own home is siblings arguing to go so one of the things that i that it demonstrates to do it in a fun way. I always like to just when they start arguing. Just be go set the timer. Everything goes back to the timer. Set the timer for a minute and say you've got one minute to work this otherwise you're going to do this in a lot of with my boys. I just came up with the. You're gonna hold hands in go in the front yard. Hold hands and skip back and forth across the line and seeing. Skip to loo my darling. If they didn't figure it out you can't figure it out in one minute. So it's just weird crazy stuff that they don't wanna do no or like you're literally gonna hug your brother in a full embrace and kiss him on the lips because i realize you need more love for each other obviously not finding enough love. Your only planning strike did that. Then result o- giggles if they actually like a always worked it out i always about. Sometimes they'd be watching the timer and they're fighting up till the last ten seconds and then what we're good we're good and even now my two teenagers that i've got it home. They were arguing the other day and i literally just what. I didn't say anything. Just walked over to the timer on evan and tried to slyly depressive. For one minute and they heard they they they were full on yelling at each other and they heard the little don't and they were like mom. You set the timer figure it out so you know there's just so many things we can still be fun moms yet we've set boundaries and said this is not acceptable. This is a piece stone in our house. You know and we don't allow that. We don't tolerate it And in the end they appreciate it because people want to live in a peaceful home. Yeah hey guys. I want to take a minute to tell you about. The journey of ruth inside look inside look is our newsletter that.

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