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Mine markings gone in terms of general play like say for example when when most teams played four four two the right wing would be mac by the left fullback and so on people matched off square but since different formations of komen it changes that idea so zonal marking is a natural progression into that when two teams are playing markedly different formations i can only with the setpiece issue since the continental managers have taken over the primarily mine marking has pretty much gone out of it no what you see is a mix of manmarking unsown american for example nine city i manchester united on the corner kick where company scores a zone there's a mixture of zonal they're employed by josie marino and also mantoman because you see target coming up you see company and small does a terrible job he's up certainly beasted by company but it's a mix of both on setpieces on also teams tailored their manmarking to the team they're playing so much don't know on the opposition dot you'll see a team taylor their setpieces to specific players if they're playing on the position but is for marking zonal marking in general play that's because it's not all identikit four four two formation that i mean i think you pretty much alluded to that in your question hope by answer that i don't think i really did sony socalled raw rob where has undergone link come down on my american brain in his concept of the guard of honour routine because the dan has confirmed that real madrid will not give sloan guard of honour if league is decided before may sixth it is my decision that is an it is what it is i don't understand the guard of honour won't take place although we are far from the end of the season i actually like it but in a cop out answer i also kinda likes don shunning it like i like it from a sportsmanship standpoint i think you know these teams battle they battled we think they hate each other but ultimately i think the the concept of paying some respect to the team that did win the championship i i kind of i think that's kind of a cool thing but i also.

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