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Listeners. You nearly broke our voicemail line this week. You called us so much and we have a backlog. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA work through the backlog over the coming weeks but some really really terrific stuff this week are Matt called in to talk a little bit about the Denny Shapiro interview where she he discovered some weird stuff when she took. DNA Test High Unorthodox this is not in Seattle. I just listened to Stephanie's interview with any Shapiro many of us I think for whom the process kind of winton reverse that we discover hidden Jewish heritage through tests I can only imagine this has happened in many other people. It happened to me I received in quite a few years ago now really unexpected. DNA result which rag me too many other investigations and down many other absolutes which eventually resulted in my converted and so it's a strange thing going on with this stuff. Thank you for that conversation and just really appreciate appreciate the work you've done and are doing matt. Welcome home good to have you as the fellow Jew that you sort of always were and now for another crazy easy. DNA tests story. We go back to the listener line high off the Dan Nice story really spoke to me and where my head is at today my DNA makeup up was as I expected when I had tested but it was actually the connecting paperwork from ancestry dot com that started sending me into shock through marriage announcements and the census I found out that my grandpa has not just been married once but twice before my grandma he actually had a son and daughter was one of his wives is and so now this little California girl has all these relatives in Highland Park New Jersey well. It's nice to have lots of cousins Christmas. Is it really interesting. This one comes from an old friend of the show. Someone who in fact was at the very first Israel meet up when I was there a couple of years ago and drinks but everyone else thanks there. Thank you Jennifer come on Leela. I think I picked up. She was colleague to respond to the letter we had on from from a listener last week. Who wanted to know if it was okay to talk about someone having a Jewish accent hey J. Crew Jen Michler here I am a native Montreal Jew but have lived in US for like the last twenty or more years but about Jewish accents there is actually a Montreal Jewish accent. This is not just a matter of opinion that actually something that has been studied by at least one linguists at McGill University and the Montreal Jewish accent has several features. It has a certain theme song lilting intonation. The third is that it did knitted but Cali the other things can note are. MVP Annunciation certain sounds so vowels especially. I I found in a word like comes out sounding a little more like a little New York and another one. I don't know if this is uh-huh Timoshenko Jews but I'm pretty sure it is you have to check in with mumps. You are gentiles but the word gas is actually pronounced dad's which sounds ridiculous to me now when I hear it but sort of come use of my life I would say that I was going to fill up the gas. The only one I think I have retained tain really of my for Metro. Jewish accent is be hard. G sounds like hanger and single. I actually don't know how I would say. I guess non metro people swallow their g a little bit more and this was brought tonight when I lived in Ann Arbor for a number of years and Kanani Jewish friends really enjoyed during say the name of Delhi which they saw that I thought I didn't really get why anyway there there you have it always good to get the Canadian version of things that always humanizes things and by the way when we are in Detroit we might make a side trip to in Arbor to Goethe's increments Zinger Zingermann women's ziggurats but the point is her G. is hard when you're heartedly and finally a slew of correspondents of voicemail and and print email about the question what are the great performances of Jews by Gentile actors this of course prompted by the death of of the terrific Valerie Harper who played Rhoda morgenstern I to the listener line hi this is an from the Philadelphia area and I love your show and then dedicated listener you ask her about non-jewish people saying Jewish roles and you did mentioned Wendy McClellan Covey who plays Beverly Goldberg on the goal for what a stunning job she does thanks for all you do for the Jewish and non-jewish anything anything. I've never watched the Goldbergs but but I kind of want to I just want to see I want to see the performance of a character named Beverly Goalpara but Wendi mcclendon covy is amazing she was in. Have you guys seen bridesmaids. It's basically it's a fun yeah. I've seen bridesmaids who is she and bridesmaids one of the bright lights and then there was a lot more on gentiles playing Jewish roles our listener Andrea obiorah's wrote into say. I have to say that it's Rod Steiger who played Red Saunders in the chosen. The movie based on the novel by Potok Interesting Mr Steiger was raised Lutheran but plays the character so well actually thought he was Jewish Andre there are few movies that have done a worst of juiston. The chosen robby Benson is such a Shonda but I have clearly blocked out this very fine performance by Rod Steiger because the other performances were so atrocious that that is a great novel made into a bad movie. Thank you ooh juice face off like funny like it's a parody of what the book was to me and here's our next letter from power Wasserman. It's all about the Godfather Hyman Roth fictionalized Meyer Lansky play by Irish Catholic Art Carney moe greene a fictionalized bugsy Siegel is played by Italian Alex Rocco are I hadn't thought of that but yeah the godfather some serious pan ethnic casting and we missed so many others according to our wonderful listeners who wrote in to remind us of Daniel Craig and both defiance and Munich in both of which he kills people on behalf of the Jewish people the Great Benton Fraser in school ties that is a great Jewish roll the Jewish. It's your boy the closeted Jew school ties go brand Fraser sorta played it well Joe Montana and being North in Liberty Heights n five of sprinkle luminous fact actually Irish Catholic so that was our listener Ben Ring who wrote into to tell us about Joe Mantegna in bb North but I had a little tickle in the back of my head that said I think is a juice and our friend Wikipedia as well as several more Jewish learned websites that have written about confirmed confirmed that in fact although she seems to have been raised with. She insists she had little Jewish education. Her education was all in classical ballet. She was in fact the product of Jewish heritage cubis ancestry human so bb North Future Jew of the week and two more or two more that will get this week our listener cynthia circle of sky wrote wrote into say over the weekend. I watched once upon a time in Hollywood trying to distract myself from the complete armageddon happening all around the world including on my own doorstep unsurprisingly that didn't work but I still managed to have some gory fun and as to Jews. I thought Pacino's Marvin Schwartz was quite satisfactory Yup. I agree me to Youtube Yep so we both saw the movie. Yes did you see it. Stephanie did not go see good quality Tarantino and our listener David Winer road in echoing what many people in a facebook group said which has come up John Shirt Shero in Barton Fink and others and others. John is one of those guys like Alan Alda who Honorary Ju. I don't you think yeah now he plays Jewish better than most of us really does of us. This is utterly seamless. There's no see with Pacino. There's still a moment I'm like this is a great Italian actor. A great Italian method actor putting his talents toward the the Jewish Plymouth even Italian. It's Pacino Playing Pacino right laying a Jew playing a guy named forts with church Shero. There's completes immersion in the pure pure as your HEBRAIC quality. Thank you listeners right to US UNORTHODOX A tablet MAG DOT com or even better leave a message nine one four five seven zero four eight six nine.

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