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Join us for our exclusive coverage beginning at five thirty your home for the bears George off the news radio seven eighteen while five point nine FM W. B. reduce time seven eighteen traffic and weather together on the gates is sponsored by the Berman auto express story here's Laura even said ninety minute trip out bound twenty eight inbound Kennedy tended the junction eight in the express twenty five two oh air inbound forty seven from o'hare to downtown no crash at Cumberland twenty two and from the eaves junction the o'hare extension slow coming eastbound out of the terminals out to about Mannheim I said our sixteen to Mannheim twenty nine to three ninety that's all clear inbound hot so much fifty seven from three ninety to downtown thirty seven from Mannheim if you're wondering why there's a concert at United center this evening it's at seven thirty Stevenson fourteen to Cicero twenty for the tri state thirty four to three fifty five thirty seven and from three fifty five twenty seven from the tri state twelve from Cicero to downtown I fifty five far south of I eighty jammed northbound from Lorenzo to arsenal with road work in the left lane about Dan Ryan fifteen inbound twenty I fifty seven and forty to fifty minutes in either direction between eighty and the Dan Ryan southbound lake shore drive slow for Michigan Avenue Chicago southbound tri state I eighty eight to before I didn't rest of your Illinois tollway it's route fifty three three ninety and I eighty year old clear eastbound eighty ninety four is heavy from the Lincoln oasis to Calumet Avenue it was an earlier stalled semi at Kline that has been cleared I sixty five in the Indiana toll road or okay traffic is sponsored by the Berman auto express store the new Berman auto express stores the express why you buy your next news car new used car one hundred percent online just select your used vehicle get instant upfront pricing and then deliver it right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign see over five hundred vehicles Berman dot com get traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM you're even going to be cloudy if you're out about a low tonight is sixty three tomorrow sunshine more clouds and sun and the threat of shower thunderstorm between.

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