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It's animal radio. We all have a brush with fame sooner or later. I've actually had two now that I think about it. I had a brush with Don McLean from American pie fame, sat next to on an airplane. And Eric Burdon of the animals, I gave him a cigarette, a lit cigarette, already after a show. Wow. He just came off stage and he looked at me and said, can I have that cigarette or something like that? And I gave him my cigarette. And that was my brush with Eric Burdon. Until now. Wow. And just a few minutes. Yeah, I know, really big deal. Well, you know, what was your brush with fame? I'm trying to think. Other than the people that I've met through working with animal radio, I mean, we've met some we had Jose canse because the one year I remember that. I had to reel you in on that one. I was having a good old time flirting. It was so much fun. But there were others, you know, I'm trying to think, but he's just one jumps out. Yeah, for some reason. I remember that. You were just drooling all over. Let's see, and you're working on news, Laurie. Have you ever had a brush with fame? I think my most exciting one was leaving a radio station party at the Queen Mary and as I was leaving because we had to get up and go on the air the next day like at 3 o'clock. I saw Lorenzo Lamas. Lorenzo Lamas. Yes. And that was the time of, was that falcon crest? Is it was even found? He was on one of those. It was before his, yeah, wife beating days or whatever he did, but yeah, he was still so cute. That was probably your Russia thing. Well, good day, David. How are you doing? I'm fine. Thank you. Where are you? I'm in a Little Rock Arkansas. Little rock Arkansas, how can we help you today, David? Okay, my question is this. I have ten in your ten and a half year old turkey poo. And he finds in the truck with me. He's been doing it for about ten years now. I'm a trucker. And I usually would be able to give him just about anything, and it wouldn't bother him, but in the last 6 months or so, he gets the runs at the drop of a hat. And even I started mixing his food with some canned food to kind of make it a little bit more palatable for him. And that was okay. But even now, that ball is him. What's going on with my dog? Okay, so his appetite is sound. That's good. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, then I would not add in canned food, 'cause that can ruin the whole process of what you're trying to do. If you're having loose stools with your pet and you add in canned food, that actually can have a tendency for many pets to loosen up the stool. There's a lot more moisture content in that. And it's kind of like, you know, be like eating a lot of pumpkin pie if you have diarrhea. It's not gonna help things in any way there. So I would really be looking more at our diet structure as far as what we are feeding. And there are some diets we'll go to a higher fiber content if we want to firm up the stool some. Now the other thing I'm going to say is, I would certainly make sure we have this stool and your pet checked at the veterinarian because we could have something like worms. We can have other issues going on. There's problems in digestion with a pancreas that can cause a chronic problem with loose stools. But I say the number one problem in most cases is we choose a diet that doesn't agree with our pet's bowels, and the number one thing I look at when I pick a food, a lot of people say, what's the best food out there, Doc? It's going to be the best one that agrees with your pets. That's always one of the first things. So do they like it? And does it produce nice, solid poops that are consistent. So that might be something we look at is the current food you're going with. You know, maybe nothing bad against the company, but it may not be the trick for your pet. And to change that, we would find another and kind of gradually introduce that new diet over a period of about a week to two weeks. See what the poops go like, and then we can make a decision, is it? Better or worse, no different. But I would certainly before we start on the strategy of trying different foods and moving around, like I said, I'd make sure your baby's checked out, A-okay by the vet and bring a nice bag of poop for the vet. It really makes our day when you guys do that. You like that stuff. It's weird. You're listening to animal radio. Call the Dream Team now with the free animal radio app for iPhone and Android. Hi everybody, this is Frankie, Avalon, and I love animal radio. Listening.

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