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There was a book trace evidence the hunt for an elusive serial killer by Bruce Henderson. Lodi News case. Nbc News Bunch of like local Stockton newspaper called the record a lot of bay area news sources. Dang good shadow to murder squad dreyer. Are you ready for a story? Hail Yeah here we go. I'm GonNa Tell You about Lou Ellen Burleigh so Lou like her name is Llewellyn called her ellen. Ellen grew up in the East Bay She graduated from Pleasant Hill. High in one thousand nine hundred seventy three of the same high school and graduating class as my mom as you're adding new each other no necessarily friends but friendly and they had similar social circles. That would kind of intertwine so and I remember hearing the story growing up so after Highschool Ellen went to heal business college and after graduating was hired on by the college. So she's twenty one. She lives in neighboring Walnut Creek. And she's the Office Manager for he'll college and while she's there she feels a call from the sky called John Brown and he says he's going to be opening up a new office for the Helena Rubenstein Cosmetics Company and that he's kind of looking for someone to run that office so Ellen's like you know what I'm kind of over my job here at the college so I think I'm just GonNa like snake this lead for myself. So she sets up an interview with him for the next day. Which is Saturday September tenth? Nine thousand nine hundred seventy seven so she gets to the Regency Plaza Shopping Center on Contra Costa Boulevard. This is kind of near the things that I read because when I tried to go where it was. Because there's like memories that I have of my mom pointing out and we're I think it is in Pleasant Hill and then like people saying that it's kind of on the Lake Pleasant Hill Pacheco Border. Which would have been a little bit more north of there but so they set up this meeting and she gets there and the building. It's all under construction. So she's like well okay and then but John is there and he's like Hey Ellen. I thought that we were going to be further along with the construction and we'd be able to have the interview in my office but we're not there but I have my van here and it's a camper like I have a table inside. We could do the interview in my van if you're cool with it and she's like well she's like he called the college. This seems legit. He doesn't seem like a Weirdo so she agrees to go into his kit like Camper van and have this interview no so she's like kind of weirded out but he's like so she has the interview and it goes fine and she heads home so then she sees her brother that nights. This is that Saturday night. And she tells the brother and she's like yeah. I don't know like a little bit suspicious of this guy. I think I'M GONNA call the company and just make sure that he works for them but yeah but then he calls the next day and he says you got the job. Come down like what's paperwork. So she talks to Roy friend before she goes and she borrows a knife and she says if you don't hear from me like if you don't hear from me soon call the cops. No don't do that. And they end up calling the cops 'cause they never hear from her. They find her her car parked in Pleasant Hill. And so that was just my mom like my mom would always tell me that. She went to high school with the girl that that's what happened. And so I was always like I grew up knowing. Don't go have an interview in a van and like that was just kind of like a story that my mom told. Yeah very specific. Yeah Okay Yeah don't go have interviews just know that that's not something you should do as young lady or anybody. Don't go sit in advance having interviews. So then so I'll flash were a little bit. I don't know how old I will. I guess based on the store at some point in the two thousands. I'm like sitting at the House and I just hear my mom in the other room. She's reading the paper and she goes. Oh my God and then she comes in she goes. I've told you about Llewellyn and I go. Yeah and she goes they just. They just found herb like it took thirty years to have the person who killed her admitted that he killed her and find her body and like finally get closure. Okay so let's rewind time let's pivot let's talk about Roger Reese Kibi. So he's born in one thousand nine hundred one down in southern California and kind of from the get-go he has a hard life. His mom beats him. He's bullied in school. He has a stutter by the time he's a teen. He's arrested for petty theft. He's just kind of acting out and he's also just kind of being a general creep he gets caught prowling he's seen stealing women's bathing suits stockings When he gets a little bit older he moves to the bay area. He marries a real kind of battle. Axe Lady that's Kinda like his mom that's kind of overbearing. He makes and sells furniture for a living and becomes an avid skydiver. Okay as a side note. Roger's brother is reportedly a homicide detective up and talk all right. So that's Korea. There's some some people think that he picked his brother's brain for yeah skirt yellow that his brother was in on it but that he inadvertently. Kinda like gave them tips. Yeah Okay so John. Brown is Roger Kibi. And it's believed that Ellen was his first victim So the next known victim is Laura. He'd IC she's twenty one she lived a high High risk lifestyle She would sometimes sell Sell sex for money for drugs and she was seen getting into the car with a fifty year old guy on April twenty. First one thousand nine hundred six so big jump from nineteen seventy seven to nineteen eighty six Her bodies found months later off of I five in like southeast kind of Sacramento area. Her her clothes have been cut with scissors in a bizarre pattern in she was restrained with parachute cord and strangled with the clippings from her clothes. So then there's a little out of sequence because she was killed earlier but her body is not found till later so on July second Laura So this is after Laura before they found her body so they he makes a date with a sex worker in Pittsburgh California so not Pittsburgh Overrun East Coast but over here And her name is Barbara Ann Scott. She's twenty nine and she ends up. He like pays her to be with him for the whole night and he ends up strangling her with her own sweater and he hides her body under a tree on Antioch Golf Course then. A couple of weeks later on July fifteenth. He had Stephanie Brown. She's nineteen. Her car is found along. I five And her body was found in a drainage ditch and she just like the others had been raped strangled. Her hair was cut with scissors. He was cutting their hair in odd. Chunks was scissors. She had just been giving friends a ride home and they didn't really know why she would have pulled over and so later when they get Roger. Talking about this stuff. He gives them some excuses that they don't believe police think that he was impersonating a police officer and got her to pull over and then abducted her that way when they do that. Because you're supposed to pull over this one. This one's really scary. So on August Seventeenth Charmaine Sabra and her mom are driving home from shopping and there are going along. I five when their car breaks down so this dude pulls over and he's like hey are you guys okay. I'll give you a lift. City can make a phone call. But he's like this little sports car. That only has one other seat. So Charmaine is twenty six. She stays with the car. Her mom gets in the sports car. Her MOM GOES UP. The road with him makes a phone call. Nobody picks up so then mom comes back with the guy and he goes to like leave her there and then he's like all right well. You didn't get a hold of anybody I'll give you guys both awry but I can only do it one at a time. So then we'll take Sherman. She's got a little kid at home so then charmaine gets in the car. And she's never seen again. Oh my gosh. Isn't that heartbreaking? That one. I the so sad because you have no. You have no idea that like you just took your mom. Everything was fine you broke into all of. It's it's awful. It's a Good Samaritan. Just help it out. So then a couple of months later I think her body is found by hunters and same thing like she's been raped and strangled her closer. Cut Up Weird. He's cut her hair with scissors. So cops are starting to like okay. So He's they've picked up a name and now they've got the I five strangler and he's a known serial killer that's going up and down the five and he's either going after women in distress with their cars or sex workers that's kind of the Mo for them so they start setting up. These stings like okay. Let's get some female officers. Let's have them be with like hoods up on the cars so it looks like they're having trouble was try and catch this guy because he's just going to try to do this with a with a police officer. They don't catch him that way but they do catch Roger on just a regular old traffic violation and when he pulled him over the COP. Show like Oh. This guy looks so much like the composite. Sketch for the I five strangler and they take photos of his car and they let him go. I mean they can hold him on. I don't know Survivors that's where they're getting the composite so the mom because he let those Mama right so she spent a decent amount of time with him and then watched him away then Roger Abducts and kills Katherine Katherine Kelly Keno Nece. She's a twenty five year old sex worker from Sacramento. They find her body up near Lake. Barry then in September nineteen eighty-seven so I murder back in seventy seven. Now we're in eighty seven out of the prime of the now. It's just Dayglo and the eighties. So Roger Tries to abduct a sex worker downtown Sacramento but she fights him off and then she runs flags down a Cop. Go get them so now like pulled him over. He's just attacked a woman and in his car. They find kill kit that consists of handcuffs scissors like the Jacob so for the battery and solicitations so that they can get him in jail and they're like this is the I five strangler. Let's get the rest of this while he's locked up. We got eight months to figure this out so the first murder that they try them for is the murder of seventeen year. Old Darcy. Who who this is an oh. I wish you could try and say this one. I think her name is Franklin. Paul thirteen-year-old Darcy fracking poll. She had been a runaway and they found her body up near Lake Tahoe..

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