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What the hell happened after that first album? There. It is. There is held Jorgensen. Everybody else listening right now going why the hell you play that aren't you playing the land of rape? Are you? Oh, man. Yeah. Ministry played at a post screening of the wax trax movie, which I've not seen. I really wanna see it very. It's a gymnast Jim national in the source daughter, Julie directed, and she was there that night. And it was it was really cool. I used to go that store all the time. I was a little before my time in the city all up in the suburbs. Anytime I go to the theater Bono. Yeah. Right. So anyway, that's ministry, and we're not talking about ministry. L jorgensen. But we are we do want to talk about Johnny marr. Yeah. Where did he play? He was at the Vic. He was at the Vic. Okay. He's right. He's he's he's the guy who actually shows up right from the band. Unlike other members of nights meat meet Johnny marr eat meat. Does. He does he restrict meat from being anywhere near the vicinity. He's everything you want and the Smiths member. As opposed to the other guy will tell me about what would you? I saw the fantastic pictures that you took. I mean, he does I think that's missing was thumb in the corner. He does he does a lot of Smith stuff. So he's really grown into the role of frontman too. I mean, he's he's up there preening and posing and really really hamming it up at every rockstar style imaginable. But he's he's fantastic. I interviewed him to last month. And he's he's wonderful. Like, he he in all of the prep. I was doing it became very apparent that. He's really good friends with Noel Gallagher. Oh, wow. And it's very strange. He's only like three years older than Noel Gallagher. You would think there'd be a bigger gap. Both. They're both in their fifties. He's still pretty young. But I totally understood after getting off the phone with him how the two of them get along as well as they do because they have the exact same outlook. They just neither of them cares. Just neither gives a crap about anything. Yeah. They Johnny marr is very much cut out of that. Same cloth is no gold, but his new album, call the comet is fantastic. He's he's upset with Trump. He's upset with Brexit. He doesn't address either one of them directly. Right. It's him. Imagining his utopia where values matter and he picks who gets to to join. But so that's that's the concept of his new album is Johnny Mars utopia. Yeah. He was always my favorite part of Smith's. He's I mean, he's great. He's such a fantastic. It's har- player mazing he's out of that generation of guitar players. He's he's right up at the top of he's got such unique style, and you hear it and all the different stuff that he's done before the solo albums because he's only put out three solo albums, but he was a member of the cribs and those albums are great, and he was on the modest mouse album. And you know, he's done all this different stuff. He did he did two songs at the Vic last night by electron his group with Bernard Sumner from new order. It was one of the he. The disco song for Manchester, telly prefaced it. And it was awesome. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. He's just as much is he doing is it a big tour. He's doing full US tour. Yeah. And then he's been in town for a couple of days because I saw on social media. He was watching soccer at the globe on Saturday. Yeah. Of course, just hanging out with fans. Yeah. The one day I decided to not go watch soccer. Yeah. God. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, that's if you're gonna watch soccer anywhere in the city. That's the point. Do it. Right. Yeah. If Johnny marr I used to work for the guy who who ran the globe. Would it was? He was when he now is back at his old. He's at AJ Hudson's now, which is over. Yeah. Yeah. Ashland ginger ale house. I bartended there. Hang out there. Jamie. Jamie HALE is the is the guy who runs the runs that place. He went to he went to the club to the globe. And he's the one who turned it into the soccer. I remember the lion's den. Yeah. Yeah. That was the lines in the punk, and he turned, but he turned it into the soccer that it is now. Okay. And he and he brings that you can go to agent Hudson's to watch out on the soccer a Liverpool bar. So no Liverpool. Tell him to stop. I can't tell him anything, quite frankly. But no, I can't tell you the number of times that I'm not even I'm not even a big soccer guy at all. But. I can't tell you the number of times I serve drinks there at eight o'clock in the morning. For guys watching soccer. You know, obviously, the time seven o'clock in the morning buying Bom. Being these guys are down in pints and watching soccer. And so I've been a part of that I was a part of that scene for a while when I worked at gender. I've been to globe several times. But it is it's it was voted if I'm not mistaken. I think the globe was voted best soccer in America. Well. No. I think I think it was. I think it was voted best soccer bar in America. What's the what's the allegiance of the globe? I don't know. Used to be Liverpool because you delivers Jamie ran the place for a while. So it's it's been a minute ever since I started doing the overnight. So. Early in the morning. Just taping the games, watch them at home. Right. I don't know what their specific allegiances. Johnny Mars, Manchester guy, I'm assuming which is. So then they're probably Manchester. That's right. I'm wondering. Yeah. Yeah. Unless that's the only place you really want to went to watch soccer research on any other Manchester bars in the city. So all right. Well, so Johnny Johnny marr played last night. Very very good. Was it a better experience than BTS? Would be hard. There were musicians on stage. There was a plug didn't guitar right off the top. I'm happy you go. All right. All right. Jim hang on. We're gonna take a break the news. And after the news, we're gonna play a little music IQ. We'll explain what that is in Tom's first time planet. So we'll see how that goes how many jazz questions, by the way, I want you to know, look, Tom, I want you to know that Jim was looking directly at me when he randomly picked the cards. So he did not this was not like in. There are no jazz questions. So go figure. All right. Okay. We'll take a break and might be a question in there somewhere though. Right. The news is up after this. Party this number and. A cost players.

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