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Remember the vote, they're gonna look name up on the tablet via card come over the machine. But the card into the machine, here's your bell being expressed X L machine. Features touched familiar option to St. ticket voting, but it also has a paper bound to voters can verify choices this election generated controversy among those who prefer hand marked ballots, but voters who tried it out at its debut approve. The machine is good. Very neat. Even better than the other machine. I am really impressed deputy city Commissioner Nick. Custodial wants to make the bright runs a regular Friday afternoon event at reading terminal and hopes to have at least five hundred demonstrations around the city by the time, the machines go into use November our website for lists of demonstrations that are coming to your neighborhood. Pat Loeb, KYW NewsRadio. The FDA is cracking down on companies says are using social media influencers that are contributing to the vaping problem among young people CBS news correspondent Alison keys reports that the agency wants a response and fifteen day, the government sent warning letters to fourfirms that make advertise and sell flavored illiquid products for violations involving online post by social media stars on their behalf. The companies involved are solar vapor hype city vapors humble juice, and artists liquid labs. The problem is says the FDA that social media influencers are touting the products without the required nicotine warning statement, Alison keys. CVS Washington, New York man. Was brought into federal court today after being arrested on tear related charges for spina Steve castenbaum before he's accused of body to carry out a suicide attack in Times Square, the US attorney alleges that ussia cool Allom went to a shooting range in Pennsylvania, a few times with another man who was an undercover agent, during those excursions. The charges say that Allom discussed buying handguns for the agent. The twenty two year old from Queens, New York allegedly also talked about going to time square and having done reconnaissance for future attack. He's accused of buying two nine millimeter handguns through the undercover agent. Authorities also claim he inquired about buying grenades and making a suicide vest officials here say, though that he didn't pose an immediate threat. Steve Kastenbaum, New York, angry employs at LGBT community centre in Sacramento want their board of directors. Ousted after they decided to allow uniform police officers into the center, according to some there is strain between the LGBTQ community and the Sacramento police, especially between Gabe. People of color, and the police along with this being the fiftieth anniversary of New York's stonewall riots the gay community revolting against police brutality. The decision was not to allow uniform gay and lesbian officers to participate in gay pride events this weekend. We'll have to talk with law enforcement, and LGBT officers. The centers board reversed their decision. Now the centers employee's want the board out. I'm Jim Roope today was national Donut day while most people love donuts, you know, the history of one of America's favorite pastries, correspondent, Cindy gray as the story. The Salvation Army founded national Donut day in nineteen thirty eight to honor the original women who fried up sweets for soldiers and World War, One, the so-called doughnut lassie's, then brought the donuts back home major Daniel Henderson says that service continues as bad as your situation may seem, there's always the potential for transformation. And we're people who are willing to walk with you. The original doughnut day, also served as a fundraiser during the depression, by the way. More than ten billion donuts.

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