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W Chattanooga CUMULUS MEDIA Steve from ABC News. I'm Michelle Franzen. The second impeachment trial of former Donald Trump underway with impeachment managers presenting evidence trying to prove the trump inside of the insurrection of the U. S Capitol, alleging that the former president perpetuated a lie that the election was stolen for weeks after he lost and repeatedly told supporters they needed to stop the steel. House lead manager Jamie Raskin. This mob got organized so openly because, as they would later scream in these halls and as they posted on forms before the attack, they were sent here by the president. They were invited here by the president of the United States of America. Both House managers and Trump's legal team will get 16 hours each to present arguments. White House trying to keep its focus on the pandemic and building support for the covert rescue. Pratt package. President Biden is in an unprecedented position No sitting president has ever had to contend with the impeachment trial of his predecessor, it comes is the White House is pushing Congress to move forward quickly on his $1.9 trillion covert 19 relief proposal. The White House says that weighing in on every twist and turn of the impeachment trial will not help advance their agenda. Instead, President Biden and senior officials say senators will decide the process and the fate of former President Trump. Karen Travers. ABC NEWS Washington The CDC presented a new study in the journal JAMA, suggesting wearing two masks maybe better than one utilizing mannequin like forms in a lab to test exposure. Wearing a single mask was the biggest preventer of spread of droplets, but double masking with a surgical type mask on the bottom and a cloth mask above and the masks tightly fit to the face. The benefits were extreme for the mask wearer in the breathing experiment, having both the source and the receiver where mass modified to fit better reduce the receivers exposure by more than 95% that CDC director Rochelle Wolinsky, she says, a tight fitting mask appears to be extremely important..

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