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Nonetheless i mean i don't know all these journalists stuff again a lot of good scoops here all right stephen smith with the whole lebron called k d type of thing and jordan it's the yahoo sports insider slash analysts just to get that right right but nonetheless yes said that quinlan reached out to lebron tommy wanted to play together pretty much talked about why it'd be good for them to be together and i mean the broncos on the same team sounds pretty deadly i'm not sure that that's going to defeat steph k d clay dream on but you could try all right nonetheless i mean that's what's going on there as far as the nfl i mean no roe topic to on right now right the nfl is kind of at the point where you don't want any bad stories coming up and you want to be smooth sailing till training camp obviously that necessarily work out because we got jameis winston get suspended for three games and i saw that if he violates the personal conduct policy i think that's the policy that they're getting suspended under figures in trouble without again yeah so personal conduct policy he gets in trouble again he could be out for a whole year all right so i said i mean going back to the issue and we were talking about whether or not the buccaneers should cut james i mean that kind of plays into it right there all right james next defense could result in a year long suspension okay james winston hasn't really shown you so far that these mature enough player that we don't have to worry about right so let's say that you're tampa bay you don't cut james i mean one more slip up and you're without your quarterback for a year right chances are to you'll probably pay them a lot of money given the fact that this is little this is the fourth year of his career so he's at the end of his rookie contract so they got to decide what they want to do there but then the less i mean who knows and we got xfl stuff okay obviously we got the lines of american football starting up next february i think it is but in the.

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