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News radio. I'm Brian shook. A man is in custody in connection with a quadruple homicide in manned in North Dakota. Police announced the arrest of Chad Isaac of Washburn in the case tonight. He suspected of being behind the deaths of four people whose bodies were found that RJR maintenance and management on Monday. Police say the person who claimed he was a missing boy from Illinois is actually at twenty three year old man from Ohio. Ryan Michael Rini told police in Kentucky that he was Timothy pits in who went missing when he was six years old in twenty eleven DNA tests proved that Riney was faking the whole thing President Trump is backing away from his threat to shut down the border with Mexico. Speaking with reporters Trump celebrated efforts by Mexico to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the US earlier. He said he was giving Mexico a one year warning to curb illegal immigration into the US. Boeing is promising to carefully review the report from Ethiopia accident investigation bureau and. Take all steps necessary to ensure safety of its aircraft. In a statement released Thursday, Boeing si yo Kevin McAllister said the company is planning to release an update to the anti stalling software MCAS and comprehensive pilot training for the seven three seven max models. The first official report on the deadly. Theo ping airlines crash says pilots repeatedly followed procedures recommended by Boeing, Tom Roberts, NBC News Radio. A search is on in Uganda for a kidnapped American tourist and her local driver, whoever kidnapped thirty five year old Kimberly sue entered driver. Jean Paul are demanding five hundred thousand dollars for their release university of Colorado. Professor Joel harder describes what's happening in Uganda. As thority search for the assailants right now, they're trying to track them down. They are trying to find this person in an area the size of Rhode Island. There are wild animals around the pair were ambushed while on a safari in Queen Elizabeth national park this week. You're listening to the latest from NBC news. Newsradio. Israel's prime minister is in Russia to meet with Ladimir Putin just days before the Israeli elections Netanyahu sits down with Ladimir Putin before leaving Netanyahu said Syria will be the primary topic of discussion with Israel concerned by Iran's increasing presence in Syria and the threat that poses to Israel. This marks the second meeting between the leaders in recent months Netanyahu, also traveled to Moscow in late February bills Infor NBC, News Radio a mayor in northern Florida is shooting down what he calls ridiculous racist. Rumors about him Ocala mayor can't Gwynne this week declared April twenty six to be confederate Memorial Day and city council President Mary sue rich said afterward. She's beginning to believe he is a member of the KKK Gwynne yesterday denied ever being indicate K, and he called the allegation the most ridiculous thing. He's ever heard Quinn says the city has honored fallen confederate soldiers in the past. And there was not one word of a problem. Some special needs. Parents are upset at some new Disneyland. Rules, the rules go into effect on may first in advance large strollers and wagons. L manage large crowds. People are taking his social media saying kids with disabilities like autism. Sometimes need a large stroller or a wagon to us as a safe space. So they don't become over stimulated the strollers that are available to rent at the park are narrow and the kids have to sit front to back. Disney released a statement saying accommodating people with disabilities is extremely important Jason camp Adonia NBC News Radio Britney Spears is that a mental health facility for treatment. TMZ reports that the singer is distraught because of her father's illness. She put her residency at a Las Vegas hotel on hold to care for Jamie spears who has had two surgeries to correct problems with his intestines and colon. TMZ says the singer is bipolar and checked into a facility a week ago and plans to live there for about a month spears announced a November. She was postponing the Brittany domination show to help her dad Brian Shaw. NBC News Radio. It's.

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