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A Honda. Okay, George, tell us the news on Alex Smith. All right here. Yeah, he's decided to retire after 14 seasons. The 2020 comeback Player of the year. Alex Smith thought about playing again. But Decided. Ultimately it's time to retire. Even took a trip to Jacksonville to make me this former college coach Urban Meyer about possibly joining the Jaguars but is opting to will walk away from the game after 14 years. 174 games. Three time pro Bowler is moving on to the next chapter. Washington football team Releasing running back Bryce Love, the 2017, Heisman runner up. Never made it all the way back from his tornado. A C L didn't get a carrying the game for Washington and the team releasing him. The Nationals face the Cardinals Tonight, Joe Ross will pitch Next park for the first time since Game five of the 2019 World Series where he had to step in when Max Scherzer had those next best showed signs that day of maturity because it was Now, as you know, it was a really big fiasco that day, and he took the ball and went out there and and any pitch well, So, um, with that being said, I know he's looking forward to pitch in home today. Um, so let's hope that he continues to do what he's been doing, but he's been really, really, really good. A man his work has been good routine has been Unbelievable. So he's in a good place, and he's yet to allow run this year. Nats took two of three from ST Louis last week. The Wizard's home to Oklahoma City tonight, having won four straight and check Holmgren, the number one high school basketball recruiting class of 2021 commits to Gonzaga with seven FT one. Big man averaging 21 points a game..

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