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It had nothing to offer me. I had no interest in it. But he made sure even though he had no use for me. He had already transferred to another school. He was doing something else. He made sure I got with school every day. He made sure that I stayed. The course. I didn't get along with head coach I didn't get along with some of those guys that were in power at the time when it came time for recruiting he got together with me he got together with my parents. And he sent my tapes out. He was a pivotal person in my life. I respected that man. He taught me about hard work. He taught me about integrity. And here's a guy that just out of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of athletes, he reached out to this kid from out of town and had a profound impact and made me feel good about who. I was made me believe in myself on that football field made me believe in myself as a student made me believe in myself as someone that had a future. Was coach John Davis shawnee mission north high school in Kansas City? Fine man in a fine football coach, he eventually went to shawnee mission south, and I stayed in touch with him. I say in touch with his family after he recently passed away. A pivotal person in my life. So who were they for you for me? My father was both positive negative. You know, I've said he was a bad alcoholic, which robot a lot of bad things for me. But at the same time, he was one of the hardest working people in my entire life. I never saw anybody work as hard as he did when he was sober. There was no machine gun nest? He wouldn't charge. There was no hill. He wouldn't climb. There was nothing. He wouldn't do to provide for his family. There was no tash that would intimidate him at as you think about the people in your life. No, this there is a purpose for everyone you meet some people come into your life to test. You some to teach you some to use you and some debris out the very best in you. It's your job to know the difference. And as you go through all the people that you've encountered all the people. That you've come to know figure out who these pivotal people are now, why is this so important? Why am I spending so much time on getting you to figure out what have been the ten most finding moments in your life, the seven most critical choices you've made and the five most pivotal people you've ever met? Well, I'm gonna tell you why. Because these are the external factors. That have shaped the identity of who you are you'll we talk about self worth self esteem identity. But we always talk about it in the abstract. We don't break down in terms of how we got to be that way. Maybe you go through life angry. Maybe you go through life with a chip on your shoulder. Maybe you go through life managing people by intimidation. Maybe you're a people pleaser, maybe you go through life. Just whatever it takes tell people what they want to hear go along. Don't assert yourself. Don't make waves because maybe if you don't make ways people will let you stay around. So I don't know everybody has a philosophy. Everybody has a way of staying in this world. But we never know exactly why we are that way. Instead of some other way. Some people are leaders, some people are followers. Some people are supporters. Some people are those that just have to be out front and be the center of attention. But it's critical that you understand why you turned out to be the person that you are the personality that you are. Why things that matter to you matter things that don't matter to you, don't if you're listening to this? And right now, you've got two kids in your mother or father raising them their grandparents raising stood of you because you're into drugs and alcohol if you ever ask yourself why? Why other people you went to school with finished college?.

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