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So that I'm owning this thing is there way that I could reframe this. So that actually want to do the thing or if I really can't reframe it like, can I let it go. Or should. I be saying no to the thing or how you know. And so that's just like a tiny shift like every time us curious self saying, I need to do this think about okay, we're like how can I rephrase that? So that I'm actually owning that thought, and as something that I want to do, and that starts to make you really conscious of the things you really don't want to do. And it also starts making conscious of like a more gentle way of framing things. So that you can actually get into it. You know, and it might be that. Like, you know, to give a very practical example, like let's say, I was editing something, and when I'm editing when I'm like, I need to edit this. I'm like going to do it onscreen on my computer, and I'm going to be hunched over it and feel kind of physically gross and wake up and like a zombie state. You know, a couple of hours later like pick my head up. But if I like print it out, and, you know, grab a pan, and I go like sit on my sofa, and I put like some music on and I'm still doing the editing. But like I'm in this like totally different modality where I'm like. Yeah. Like, I'm kind of into doing this. Now, you know, it has just framing right? It's just like, oh, I decided to do it this way not that way. And this is the thing that makes me really enjoy the process. Whereas if I'd done this other way, it wouldn't have enjoy the process at all. Because I think we're so focused on these outcomes in these achievements that we forget about the process, but the processes ninety nine percent of it. Right. And if you don't enjoy the process, and you're just kind of you're not really, you know, there's so much more that you could be doing to really be enjoying the work that you're making. Eve said that when you're working on something you ponder hell, you want your audience to feel is there. A single universal feeling that you want people to take away from reset comfort. I think comfort in their own skin comfort in their own world view. You know, it's funny because I think when people sign up for it. They're probably not like that's what I'm gonna take it from this is sort of a funny thing, I think, yes. Comfort in their own skin. But I think also like comfort like, okay? Like, I understand why felt compelled to work this way. And I also like I can see like, I see you know, what happened with technology. I see what happened with society. Like, I see why I was working in that way. But because now I see why that happened. I can see this other avenue over here that I can also take and it's like, oh my God. Like, I could make a right turn. I could take this exit off the highway and like be driving, you know, on the scenic route on the superhighway than I'm on right now. You know? And so just to have that feeling that you have more options, and that you have more control, and that there's a different way of doing things, and I think all of that adds up to a feeling of really deep comfort. Hopefully, just me have one last question for you that I can't imagine that you're not expecting at the end of your podcast. Hurry, slowly US every guests to set of questions among them this one. How do you define creativity in ten words or less? So, you know, I have to ask you Jocelyn, heavy you define creativity in ten words or less. I'm actually and I'm just saying Mr. totally own up to where I got this answer. This is an answer that someone gave me which I think is amazing who gave it to you Kim chambers. Okay. The amazing marathon swimmer. It's just self expression. Joscelyn K glomming, thank you for helping us make better sense of our time in this crazy world and thank you for joining today onto towbar. You can find out.

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