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This is the memory palace. I'm Nate. How. The kids had been awake all night and the grownups want it that way. They brought in Iraq neural DJ. This was nineteen eighty and this is Cleveland. So it was a rock and roll DJ to make sure the kids stayed awake in push through till the end. The grownups have been doing their part for weeks, all the planning, all the meetings secured sign offs from the various agencies sorted out the street closures police overtime blurted the Federal Aviation Administration. They commandeered a quarter of a city block downtown, the foot of terminal tower. The architectural marvel the quintessential Bozarth skyscraper that loomed over Lake Erie is the tallest building anywhere in the world that wasn't New York for a quarter century symbol of city on the rise from time before that city stop rising when the building had gone up in the nineteen twenty s Cleveland was in its seventh straight decade is boon town. It was the fifth largest city in America. A leader in the oil industry and the brand new. Automotive industry, but none of that lasted businesses closed or moved out of town. The ones you stayed poisoned the river accidentally set it on fire again. And again. Glass time it did in nine hundred sixty nine. Cleveland became a national joke. It could take jokes, Priscilla was tough. Maybe not broad-shouldered Chicago on that. But what are you supposed to say when you are the to me of industrial decline? When the ranks of your citizenry, your would be defenders had been cut in half by nineteen eighty. Cleveland was the eighteenth largest city in America. Instill had far farther to fall. But in nineteen eighty six, they didn't know that yet and one man. The guy who had previously worked in public relations at Proctor and gamble in sold pampers and Tampax old spice and crest toothpaste and Downey paper towels, joy, dish soap wanted to spread a little joy around Cleveland. He had just become the head of the regional chapter of the United way. One of the biggest charities while and he went into fiscal year nineteen Eighty-six. Dreaming big. He needed a major event at the end of q. four to drive donations, of course, but he wanted more something that would bring the city together unify. It's diverse population under one banner, like the many brands within the product portfolio of multinational, consumer goods corporation the way to get the city to rally behind a single message that Cleveland was done. Being the mistake on the lake, the river hadn't caught fire and more than twenty years. In fact, there were new buildings. There is an entertainment district going up on its banks. Cleveland was once again on the rise. And it was time to show the world. With balloons. The metaphor, I suppose resistible the year before Disneyland celebrated its fiftieth anniversary by sending one point, two million helium balloons into the air of an-and California. Everyone had seen it on the news. It was fun. It made the Guinness Book of world records. Cleveland would do them. One better..

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