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Exchanges to, but. The other reason is the kings rise up. and become the Lakers sort of a short term rival in absolute. Classic Playoff Series in obviously very controversial playoff series in two thousand two. And then the team that sort of is hovering around that discussion and outlasts all of them is the Spurs, and what's interesting about this season two thousand one you wrote about? It's the only season six years that the Lakers and Spurs did not meet in the playoffs ninety nine is the sweep, and then every year from every year in the three peat, and then the point four shot. And then the year the Spurs went in two thousand three, so every year from two thousand and two thousand and four five years. They meet in the playoffs. This is the gap year and the year. People forget this. It's the year when Dunkin is dispersed. Sit Dunkin from the playoffs Dunkin gets injured at the end of the season. I think he has a meniscus tear. Tear wants to come back working comeback. Papa subsquently said Yeah. We thought about it. We actually don't know we made the right call. We hope we did for his. We think in retrospect we did for his longevity, so the spurs sort of vanish off the face of the earth for this particular playoffs, other than that the Spurs and the Lakers I love that rivalry. It feels like there's not. That rivalry to meet five out of six years in the playoffs is really rare an awesome and yet it doesn't feel like we talk about that rivalry enough and I'm not quite sure why that is, but this was. This was the year they didn't. This was the only year they didn't meet and I think one of the. One of the missing questions about that playoff run for the Lakers is is boy would have liked to have seen a rematch of that of that sweep in all those storylines colliding. I think this is the spurs the sons that year with Dunkin a guy believe. They got swept or maybe one one game they got hammered swept by this. So it's. It's funny, too, because even with the Lakers when I asked them. You know. Where did this blazers team? Two thousand rank of all the teams that you guys had to go through in a three peat. And a lot of them said they were the best team, or it was maybe a really thin separation between them, and the two thousand and two kings, and nobody mentioned the spurs at all, and then when I put it in a different way to shack, and asked about toughest team, and he says yes, they were the toughest micro tougher tougher than the Spurs and said Yeah. It's like it's weird that the Lakers don't go out of. Them. I think it feels like they never met at the peak of their powers together. Well input in two thousand one, which is the Lakers title and the one where they just big fifteen and one in the playoffs in just APPs obliterate everything in their path. They face each other in the Western Conference finals at your, I, it's the only time they face each other in the conference finals and the Lakers. To say that they. Returned the humiliation from nineteen ninety nine onto the spurs is actually putting gently they run over the spurs like a mack truck, and like the scores of the last two games. It's like one eleven to seventy, and like one ten to seventy. I mean they just. Absolutely. I don't even know what the right word is. They just run them over like a mack truck, and like to to look at those score I. Mean I remember those games? I remember that particular. Lakers team in two thousand one the second title team feeling. Utterly indestructible, but to look at those scores and see Tim Duncan team losing by that many points and getting swept is like Oh my God. Yeah and the the Spurs. You know that's still so it's it's. We Got Duncan and Robinson together but perimeter wise. They don't have have the weapons and. Honestly hard for me to remember back to how those series unfolded, but Duncan and Robinson together. Of course, that's A. that's a tough of big Montana. Shack is going to. Win a fifty eight win team that the Lakers squash like fifteen when team. And that was when the? Year where you could say. The Lakers were truly dominance in the playoffs. They always played with fire all the time. Play with fire, the two thousand postseason they played with fire in two, thousand and two. And you know as great as they were in the in the abstract or in the in the totality of their run. It's you know they did they just had. There were just some weird glitches with those laker teams and you know. The Spurs. Spurs should should rate a higher. A higher number in this whole pecking order of of their rivals, for then and I think in the again in the totality of it, and if you take the entire, Shack Kobe run from ninety six sto for the Spurs stands the biggest rival. In terms of number of times met and some key moments, but somehow the kings and Blazers, I just think the nature of a seven game series, and how testy though series got and how close those teams were to keeping them from the finals. In the last possible moment I, think just somehow stand out more and the Lakers in four, the Spurs series of the five or second round series, which is sort of. Less memorable less fewer is on it than when there's only one game night and it's an it's you know a birth at the finals. is at stake here. You've made this point very artfully. Many times that like the Lakers. Three P. did but two of them were really really fragile, and on the brink of like they're they're. They're very close to winning only one title in three years, which would be perceived as disappointment. But they do win. All three and I think the nature of basketball. You know when these superstar teams get together. We all every the the all. They're unbeatable. They've joined up. The odds are unfair, and yes, when the superstars join up they generally are going to contend for titles for a long time. There are twenty five other teams we can't win and all that but to actually win in the end to be the last team..

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