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Hooky bar. I got the smart cookie. I can't get the Barker you out. I think it's cute Barker. Smart cookie barberie, that's that's very clever the website that was smart cookie, treats dot com. If you want to order so over on. I'm sitting here digging through the website. I didn't notice this. But you say that all the treats are handcrafted in small batches. Okay. So we hear about small batch brewers. We hear best. What does it mean? It's just a trend or what what does that really mean? Yes. So for us it really actually means small batch, my husband, and I actually joked we were staying at a hotel the lobby the snack bar. They had like a Jackson links beef jerky thing, which is like a huge company, and it said small batch on it, and we just started laughing. All right. So no, I mean, small batch means small batch, you know, we we don't have a giant facility with giant machines doing all this. We have real people in a real kitchen making real treats with real ingredients. So and the taste isn't going to be the same as the next batch is the next right? Yeah. Exactly. And where we source our ingredients from you know, we always try and use the same vendors and purveyors, but it's a natural product that has handmade. So it varies from time to time the dogs love it, regardless. But yeah. And where do you get your meat from it comes from over? So all of our ingredients are sourced from the US, but like rabbit, for example comes from one hundred and fifty different farms in Kansas and Missouri, which is also really unique. A lot of the dog that have rabbit in it actually from other countries. So we're proud of ours. Are domestically raised the trial is out of Idaho. We get chicken out of California. So it just kinda depends on you. Don't take this wrong. Because. Try not to display because I as big of a dog lovers anybody else. But I find I find it funny when I listened to myself right listened to you talk about this because I mean, I'll by this stuff, right? Oh, I bought this stuff. Yeah. You need. Are we being silly? By purchasing treats for your dog. Answer is going to be buying. Are we silly by? You know, all we have to get the small batch bakery for the dog. Idaho. I am completely totally with you about rabbit not from China. Philippines. Totally with your problem with dog food. I honest. I'm just being honest with you when you said, and we source our trout from Idaho. I thought okay, we have really reached peak ridiculous. If I'm gonna buy. Yeah. When we buy treats can we look on the label, and it says, yes, trout source from Idaho. I think I am, of course, bias on the topic. But I do think it is important to know where food comes from. And that kind of goes all the way back to our roots. I agree with that point. Yeah. Yeah. The dog food. Exactly. Well, I I agree. I agree. And and so we're careful about, you know, we don't want the food to be from foreign countries and healthy treats, no of that. And and I am going to go online, and I'm gonna buy some stuff, Greta likes it. But I couldn't help but just chuckled when when you said that the trout's source. Yeah. That's like going to a really nice restaurant. Okay. Where's the trout, and is actually the same trout at that is served in restaurants? Same thing with the rabbits. So everything we use is actually meant for human consumption. So. Yup. That leads into the next question. I'm looking here that I'm looking checking the barking blends. So I got the endurance hip joints, skin and coat and every one of those bags two questions. One the price is ten dollars. Yes. Which to me seems incredibly reasonable. Thank you for the type of product that it is with the trout source from Idaho. At least my next question is the bag actually that size of the picture run? Getting for ten bucks. It's an eight ounce bag treats. Yeah. So there's about fifty to fifty five actual like cookie treats in the bag for the ten dollars French kiss somebody like that. It's really a comparable. Yeah. We're we're super comparable to any of your, you know, premium dog treats, and we want to keep it. You know, we wanted to keep it that way. Where do you get your wild-boar from actually is super interesting? I can totally geek out on this. My brain was working like, well, she gets the traffic. So we call it our Texas hill country while born c potato tree. And the reason being is literally the the wild boar comes out of Texas. So they're they're a big pests out in Texas, they route and cause all sorts of problems to farmers and ranchers so long story short government subsidized program, but they'll put a live traps out on farmers and ranchers land live trap, the wild boar. So that helps them out of that will come out check them out and make sure they're all healthy and couldn't they get off to a USDA processing center, so they get turned into human food turned into dog food. They get turned into everything, but it's a really sustainable way to help out the farmers and ranchers and also it's a great protein to feed dogs. It's lower in fat cluster and all that pork and for Sandra style. Yeah. Very interesting. So wild boar from Texas. Texas. I shouldn't.

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