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Certain horses. We've seen john with his letter. We've seen a cool more with their add on maximum security right but horse that sorta got in right before everything kind of spilled with these indictments and so forth and and pen was already a gun and and people forgot in this type in terms of having a trainer indicted was Tweet chimney shop. I He was trained by navarro right. Yeah and he hasn't had any you know fallback for my news Just you know it's it's all about the timing and and has grown up. And you know for for john and coolmore to do this You know it's obviously significantly had an effect so that's an interesting development in inbreeding. Let's shift from the The preach and yarn portion of the discussion to pulpit and entail the cat. Let's shift to the two winners said And the greatest honor you couldn't it's it's interesting. The juxtaposition between these two winners from saturday in terms of being bred in the purple for for greatest honor. We'll start there. I mean it's one of the nicest female families in in the studbook and the benefit obviously of of tap it and tiffany's honor and daughter of better than honour daughter of blush with pride daughter of best than show on. I mean this is. This is a war says shook said yesterday you can really tell shrugs excited and is excited for for the atoms for don and donna adams to have this kind of a horse. I mean he's going to get better with this and and with experience. And then he's he's improved all five of his starts been forward going any also force. That's you know really bread for the classics to obviously I mean there are horses in this family which you just.

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