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Awesome. So I remember you telling me Steve that on your buddy, Sam Rubin. Yes. Desta for KTLA entertainment reporter out there. Yeah. In Los Los Angeles on says that this is a good predictor of the the Oscars right is show, though. This is please do not tarnish his name. No, the critics choice and the BAFTA 's. Okay. Kind of funnels for what happens at the Academy Awards. Okay. Here's what I have heard. This is usually a good predictor of the Oscars because actors make up the biggest block of Oscar voter. Yeah. Well, you know, it's actually with some of last night's surprising wins, and we saw them on both the television and movie side it. It might have been the best thing that could happen to the Academy Awards because by the way, everybody feels kind of about the Academy Awards this year. There's no host that just and it's always the uptight show. So without us knowing who's going to be there to make it fun and make fun of it. People are a little, but the fact that Black Panther one and is nominated for best picture Academy Awards. Feels like who knows? Maybe maybe there could be a little bit of a shake-up. You know, what was peculiar last night? Also was that? A star is born essentially there was nothing now. So in a lot of people have felt that that was going to be the Oscar favourite right lady Gaga funny. Even in preparing last night. You put in our prep lady Gaga, let's prepare for her speech. And then she didn't win. Yeah. So I it was a good night for the Academy Awards. I think because there was just enough of a little shakeup where you think everybody likes a little something different. I guess exactly. Like, I was so excited when Emily blunt one for a quiet place. Yeah. Because we hadn't heard anything about her being a contender. Now. She's she's not nominated for an Academy Award. However, but still that shows that there are some differing opinions amongst you're right there over voters Christian bale didn't win last now. And this is probably the first award show. How you win again because he lost to Rami. Malik amazing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So we're going to get to some of those speeches coming up throughout the show. We're going to get to Meghan Mullaly. As host see what you guys thought about that. We'll have some of our favorite moments. They're all coming up in lieu of things that make you go when we come back on mytalk one zero seven one. You're busy. You might have missed it. That's why we.

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