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Is a guy who likes to take the corpse out for a nice night on the town maybe buy some flowers or brute or special surprise before taking it back to his place for quote that cap on quote we all know what that means you're gonna try and tell me that makes it okay oh pullback on the reins there cal boy i don't even wanna know what kind of six school you went to where they taught you that from but nick roman sure is not someone who has six did people that's a knicker failure i thought that was a subset of the larger group which only performed such despicable acts on dead people called philip you're thinking a nickel filipion that's exactly right no my friend i'm a magician who can reanimate and talk to the dead i'm a nick romance her that's what i am i guess i could sing a little too maybe made a little money in my time but i stay in corrected serey schedule some time mcalinden deride a formal apology all the people are kicked out of my dungeons and dragons playgroups over the years added the appointment to your calendar starting back everybody there's some sort of disembodied demon spirit still lurking about oh home elvis elvis elvis comedown it's just zeke's phone it speaks as though it were in current you'll have to excuse me i've been trapped in some sort of other worldly prison dimension for what year is it what year is it classic fake prison dimension story follow up question you know where show is evergreen in its whatever year someone's listening evergreen have you been binging on marketing seminars again synergy so the answer is yes you've been watching and no you haven't been understanding maximize your box think the year is squash measures has declared.

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