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It's april twentieth two thousand eighteen if today's your birthday happy birthday to you and to a man best known for his role as soon as you in the original star trek series something digital extreme yes very serious after george decay born on the date nineteen thirty seven eighty one years ago this country musician clay cook zac brown band is forty years old today at your carlos valdez from the television version of the flash my kids love that show twenty nine years old carlos valdez i kinda like it to olympic silver medal skater roslyn sumners today is fifty four years old the movies he fictitiously brought to life characters like the iconic ghalem from the film lord of the rings listen that's not gallon this is thank you plays a little country music to gallup does on the side kind of a side gig accurate director andy circus it was bored of this date april twentieth nineteen sixty four fifty four years ago guilt gallup's very talented yeah so is this guy reggae singer stephen marley board the state nineteen well he's forty six years old today stephen marley is rock musician craig frost from grand funk also played with bob seger's silver bullet band craig frost today you're seventy years old bluegrass singer and musician doyle lawson from quicksilver is seventy four and actor joey lawrence born on the state nineteen seventy six forty two years ago best known for his leading role as joe longo on melissa and joey on this day nineteen forty eight united auto workers president walter reuther was shot and seriously wounded at his home in detroit it was on this day nineteen fifty nine the first single by thirteen year old dolly parton was released on gold band records it was called puppy love this day in nineteen fifty nine it was on this day nineteen sixty elvis presley returned to hollywood following his army duty he began work on the film g i blues the stay in nineteen sixty a stay in nineteen ninety janet jackson got a star on the hollywood walk of fame the stay in nineteen ninetytwo benny hill found dead of coronary thrombosis in his london home he was sixty eight and it was on this day nineteen ninety nine the columbine high school massacre took place in colorado two students shot and killed twelve classmates and one teacher before taking their own lives a check it with ed corry next.

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