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It's blustery day. This could happen. Another locations be prepared for debris as well. But nonetheless, they were saying that they were blocking part of the roadway following police direction there. We do have wind warnings at 50 Chesapeake Bay Bridge so far, two lanes each way there'll be no to a travel with the Warning. So follow your overhead signals. No delays showing keep that in mind, and you could start the year off right with window nation's most popular deal. Put no money down. Make no payments for two full years and get two windows ready to you by Call 866 90 Nation Today, Married upon the W T v traffic storm team for meteorologist Lauren Rickets or dry today, just blustery plenty of sunshine temperatures. They're going to be in the Midtown for thirties but feeling like the teens and twenties with some pretty gusty winds when settle down this evening, we're clear overnight and cold temperatures in the teens and twenties. Sunshine returns tomorrow with a few clouds. There could be a passing snow shower, too, especially tomorrow evening. Otherwise temperatures nearing 40 degrees. Our focus turns to Monday into Tuesday where it looks like we're going to get a good dose of wintry mix across the area, some snows and freezing rain and sleet and then continuing some rain on Tuesday. I'm strong Team four meteorologist Lauren Record Below freezing this morning 28 degrees in Leesburg 28 in Fairfax, 26 outside Wtlv Studios. This is w t. O p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W T o p. Never miss a moment. W T O P s top news is brought to you by van Meter Homes Find a home That's right for you at van meter homes dot com. Good morning. I'm Nick I.

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