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Cloudy tonight you're low down to 30. Cloudy was some afternoon snow showers tomorrow on high of 36. It's 40 degrees. Right now. His first year of retirement didn't go exactly to plan due to the ongoing pandemic. But Reds Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman says he has a certain sense of freedom Now that he's gotten confirmation that he was vaccinated for covert 19 5 and I just scratched my head at those people who say that I'm not going to get the shot holds a broadcaster Marty Brennaman says He feels a certain sense of freedom now that he's been vaccinated for covert 19. He received. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is part of a clinical trial on December 3rd. I think it was, I got a shot, and I got the real thing good for you, and you feel fine. Everything was good to go. I had no, I had no side effects whatsoever. I didn't even have a sore arm right? And then on the kid, Chris Show is life. Amanda's part of the trial to she had flu like symptoms for the 1st 36 hours, but it felt fine since Johnson and Johnson vaccines. A single shot could be approved for emergency use of the US next month. I'm Brian Copes NewsRadio. Several wlw, meantime, covered 19 cases in Ohio trending in the right direction. The Health Department report yesterday showed less than 4500 new cases. With 57 at new deaths, new cases, deaths and hospitalizations were all below the three week average. Cincinnati public schools employees will start getting their cove in 19 vaccines later this week. The district getting going about nine days earlier than expected this despite the supply shortage of shots across the United States, one of New Jersey's six big vaccination sites at the old Meadowlands racetrack in East Rutherford opened on Friday and is now closed due to lack of supply. We need more doses. Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on ABC is Good Morning. America by administration knows that they entered into what is I think an empty cover. On their frantically, I know obsessed with building that supply back. The nation's governors who meeting with President Biden's.

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