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President. Biden says he and Russian President Vladimir Putin didn't solve any problems that they're meeting in Geneva, but they did lay the groundwork. What I'm saying is, I think there's a genuine prospect. To significantly improve relations between our two countries without us giving up a single solitary thing based on principle and our values. The Arkansas man seen in a photo with his feet propped up on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is desk during the attack on the capital has asked a federal judge permission to travel 200 miles to attend a classic car show. Richard Barnett's lawyer says buying and selling classic cars is his only way of making a living. The South Carolina Supreme Court blocks two executions that had been set for this month. Under the States recently revised Capital Punishment Law, which gives the inmates a choice, The state can't find lethal injection drugs and has yet to put together a firing squad. Leaving the electric chair is the only option. I'm Tim Maguire. Both President Biden and Vladimir Putin say they're Geneva Summit was positive and straightforward. The president says his goal was to deliver. His message is face to face that he wants to cooperate with Moscow, where possible and will respond to Russian aggression where needed. I did what I came to do, the two men agreed to send their ambassadors back to their post and on a plan to replace a nuclear treaty. In other areas, though they remain far apart Ukraine human rights and cybersecurity through an interpreter, Putin denied involvement in cyber attacks on the U. S. What do the state organs Russia has to do with that? We are encountering the same threats. The president says U. S intelligence points to Russia and warned Putin of consequences if attacks continue The last thing he wants now. As a Cold War saga or Megane Washington AP.

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