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The future and that was hopeful and the fall of the berlin wall gave us an idea that may be autocratic regimes had seen their day. What we're seeing her several forces. That are disappointing. The first is information technology. Which has been so liberating in. So many ways has also proven to be a two edged sword and it's given people the opportunity to spread disinformation and hate and lies and whatnot. And it is corrupted many of the things about how we communicate and even how we think is caused people to go into pretty narrowly defined areas and and developed. What i think often verb mistaken ideas. Then there's the rise the autocratic leader and it's almost a celebrity kind of leadership. It's not new. You can go back to you know many times in our history. But i don't think we would expected that the strong man or woman but the strong man comes up and offers people a pretty simplistic idea of sometimes hyper-nationalism sometimes greed sometimes Calling out the worst us and wish she'd had around the world and the problem with is in the short term it works in the short term allows a nation or organization to move quickly in certain directions in make difficult decisions that are pluralistic democracy struggles with. It's also unfortunate that historically the tells us that democracies tend not to go to war with each other but dictatorships do well dichter. Distributorships are very efficient right. I mean effective but the very efficient that they are in in the short term particularly. Yes there are many long term issues. But but what worries me is these this combination of factors along with income inequality and other things are just i think heading toward a very difficult period. I think we can work our way out of it. But if we don't understand how challenging that the next decade or two in front of us are likely to be. We could be in trouble. Well good news. Is we have leader leaders listening to this podcast sir. Aspiring leaders listening to this podcast leaders..

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