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One sports dot com on first down the Broncos with an opportunity now is under five and a half the carry on a one yard gain on the right side Denver trill six five three the conversation between the offense of coordinator and maybe the quarterback coach is what places you know really well with a let down to about three or four couple runs the real simple can you give him some things that he's been successful with the practice me O. T. A.'s in a minute been with the team that long red ribbon under center now chance to leave a game winning drives backpedals throws it down catch made on the outside by Austin Ford tight end on a high throw get it down to thirty four that's a little bit surcharge I the first now with okay you're the head coach you've just told me and as the office Cordero worn for down territory so you can be a little more conservative in game three yards on this point and then go for it on fourth down I work out of the shot for the tight end to shift to the near side of the coverage rip it takes the snap rushed your main graced the back drop for a loss of three yards setting up fourth down now for December with three forty seven want to fly and they are gonna go for it on fourth down I just you just told me that the play before so I should have run the ball really your kind of mad at me you give me that he will live as it code on the they've got to get it to the twenty yard line I'm not gonna say to extend the game because of land as often as completely got in reverse may get the football back if you want to win it we have to convert here rip it takes the snap on fourth down throws it it's not the way a complete with a flag on the play contact one hand on a causing the central Florida press enter burns number thirty two automatic he was locked up with your various way the rookie out of south Alabama and that penalty is going to give a new set of downs of your to the twenty four yard line the Denver Broncos with three ten one game still why James the long set back in the back on first down for the twenty four with the church answer the hobbits on the right side as you get inside the twenty twenty two yard line the couple yard a half maybe two second out coming up so in practice let me just give you a scenario we're going to run a hundred Joe Flacco is going to run twenty five Kevin Hogan is going to get fifteen the next go to true love and then the next to two receivers to the left and now with the lines up as a wide receiver take the path and now I'll be able twenty yard line breaks a tackle the fifteen he runs back toward the middle the field down to Robert this is now with two twelve to go instant exhilaration that you expect from somebody is five seven hundred seventy five pounds tell you what I was a little bit of a saving tackle right there let's say he was going to go in middle of the field opened up beautifully and please stop for the two minute warning the NFL is back it all starts now with NFL game fancy every live out of market preseason game I get a first look at all the rocky start your free trial today at NFL dot com slash game grass so as the week of the events unfold here at the hall of fame we almost tomorrow night the try these will be getting their gold jackets in what is always a stirring ceremony was tomorrow afternoon tomorrow afternoon I know in the morning with a parade right so that's number one then we have the Lombardi the brain it's that's kind of a private affair that not a whole lot it's talked about the new inductees are kind of give a mini lecture on what it takes to be a hall of Famer they already know that what it takes from your efforts now going for how you act how you respond all of that what people think about the hall of fame and what an honor it is to be an course will be there for all of those events ten for the eleven yard line with two minutes to go rip it takes the shot gun snap works out well complete all the hands of Trinity Bentsen who's fighting for position the good wife reel it in what you've done is a play called you've gone for now it second and ten in the red zone where the defense is really crowded up to stop the wrong you've almost committed yourself to passing no what you really need now is a nice rough right now to pick what a rough road were you trying to rub the defenders good defensive play made by Jason Stanley the corner the ends of the dock that away second down this is gonna be a hand off a whole lot of room Jackson is thrown back Phillips there defensively get ready to take a time out one forty five months ago Denver was it and land on the time out we get that ball was run out of but I think I think forward progress was stop to those guys I would like to take a time out for any reason right now they can afford to get the ball just get on a plane with this game seven we do but if they give up a touchdown right with little time on the clock what you're really thinking this with your coach it was in Atlanta time out you're smart third down your blood to get together to the one record Texas but he's taken down to the five yard line raise and raced down the sideline I called another time if this were a regular season game this is what you would do so you are coaching it like it's a because you want to put your players in those I get it again and again it's you know that somebody who is early up what caster looking and saying I think this is for down territory for dead you don't kick a field goal no I mean why not let one more play it see what everybody else that's the point right so here we go fourth down five yards to go with the ball with the six one to play we reserve the right one the one set back in the backfield there's this record has your an effort at the end of it though and that's on tape photo takes were guys who executed the plan number sixty three knight made a tremendous way but you for the whole which changes everything with one thirty three to go the center of the screen trying to get to a variety one across his face just a little time to the Jersey out in the wide open the fifteen your with six defenders inside the five yard line rip it takes the snap the biggest grin on his face right now anybody down on that why was the defender got in front of it not into the air and it fell down to the arms if you want that's your point is down he didn't really want to to get the ball back and execute a little bit shop back out there find that offer the line it has not protected what can the game four win free all right now it could be the game winning touchdown for a thirty eight yard drive in breath just let his first game winning drive role of four touchdown bass potentially to win this game don't ignore the scoreboard now you had a ball of what would have been the one yard line get a hold of the plate and what they want what was once owned by the NFL behalf of its member clubs all rights to this broadcast reserve a rebroadcast recording re transmission or any use of this broadcast that the express written permission of Westwood One of the National Football League is strictly prohibited but I don't want to return to their taking it out of the end zone and Tony Brooks jeans with on the right side the three yard line before you strong so you need to do to touch down they got one time out we want to work with the good news is our quarterback with fifteen years ago this morning drive twenty thirteen right thank you play and stuff is over rated sixteen seems to grow bolder the game work it out of the shot with his own twenty three I snapped over the place that's why it's against just a little bit considering your child is being an official my oldest son is the rules a little bit go too much work but not the rules but putting them together with the panel the yardage and all that I might be making people believe first out of fifteen dollars shop goes to work out the shotgun snaps looking downfield little bit of time froze completed a thirty yard line he's made there by Christian boy game first year player at a northern Illinois practice last year second down now the blade and another another full story you've got to get everything to be said for second guys are moving around just just a hair that job a couple of laps of the hands run some time off to fifty nine seconds left what does the clock start on the ready trucks on the radio because the clock was running what they have it marked off the pedal to start number seventy five so the second down our rules running out of ten minutes as well with one on one of the name so if the one second through the clock will be set to now the other thing with a time out can you use that time out the ten second rule yeah yeah I like I said this is so complicated which is I think going grocery shopping Mister white correct wait three for Lana has elected to use their third and final time out with one to one o'clock reset the one on one just make me they had to I can handle the to process I call those time out when they.

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