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Gavin Newsom has been in office less than three years. But he's already facing a massive recall effort. And it's unclear who Republicans want to swap him with California has been a leading driver of progressive policies from climate change to social programs. So what happens at the head of a blue state suddenly goes red. We've got questions, and we know you do to email us at one. Egg w am dot org. Comment on our Facebook page or tweet us at one end Yeah. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Sphere. Foreign nations, including the U. S. Are acting with caution in terms of dealing with the new government in Afghanistan as after the Taliban appointed hardline veteran figures to top positions. The White House press briefing today, press secretary Jen Psaki says while the US has stopped short of recognizing the new government, it will work with the Taliban as he continues to try to evacuate some Americans and others still in Afghanistan. It's whether they let people depart the country who want to depart, whether they treat women across the country as they have committed to treat them and how they behave and operate. And therefore we're not moving toward recognition. At the same time, we're dealing with a reality world here we have to engage in order to get American citizens and others out of the country. In Kabul today, dozens of women took to the streets to again demand representation in the new administration. The Taliban swept to power and victory hastened by the US withdrawal of U. S military support to Afghan government forces. Vice President Kamala Harris is campaigning in California against the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom from member station KQED. Marisa Lagos. Reports. Harris says the recall election has national implications at a rally outside a union training hall in her Native Bay area here is underscored the themes Newsom has leaned into in the final days of this campaign. He acted decisively to protect Californians during the global pandemic, and that the recall is not just about seizing control of this Democrat dominated state. They think if they can win in California, they can do this anywhere where we will show them you're not going to get this done. Not here. Never Terraces of the recall succeeds, Republicans will be emboldened to further restrict access to abortion, undermine voting rights and threaten workers rights across the U. S. For NPR News. I'm Marisa Lagos in San Francisco. Almost a year after the 2020 general elections, local election officials are still dealing with death threats, conspiracy theories and in some states new legal penalties for making what were once regarded as minor errors. As NPR's miles, Parks explains. A new group of attorneys has announced an organization aimed at helping them fight back. The election. Official Legal Defense Network is the first organization of its kind aimed at providing pro bono legal help for election officials before last year. A service like this wasn't really necessary. But since November's election, there's been a shift. Here's one of the group's co founders, Bob Bauer, who worked as White House counsel in the Obama administration. What we are seeing developing now is a huge step backward. From a focus on Professionalized Election administration to a heavy level of political interference in the work of trained election professionals. The bipartisan group is co chaired by Republican Attorney Ben Ginsberg, who previously worked as counsel for the George W. Bush campaign. Miles. Parks. NPR news on Wall Street, The Dow was down 68 points. The NASDAQ fell. 87 points today. You're listening to NPR news in Washington. The mind Administration today is laying out an aggressive goal that will ultimately push the West towards generating 40% of electricity through solar by 2035. So called solar future study representing a significant ramping up from current levels. In a statement, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that solar is the cheapest and fastest growing source of energy and could employees many as 1.5 million people over the next decade or so. Report lays out the steps the U. S can take to achieve the target, including installing 30 gigawatts per year of solar capacity in the next five years and 60 gigawatts a year by 2035. One man dined. Some buildings were damaged in a powerful 7.2 earthquake that rocked Acapulco, Mexico yesterday, NPR's Carrie Kahn explains. Mexicans are curious about flashes of bright blue lights filling the skies during the strong quake. Social media users posted videos of the fantastic blue flashes along with the hashtag apocalypse. Rutgers University physicist Troy Shin brought says not to worry. The light show did not signal an end to the world. If it did. The apocalypse would have happened 2000 years ago, and this was first discovered the phenomenon is called earthquake lights. Some scientists believe the burst of color occurs when friction near the planet's crust like in an earthquake releases energy into the atmosphere. Scientists, however, can't explain why so many of Mexico's biggest quakes occur in September, which social media users have dub step. The family a combination of the months name and tremble in Spanish. Carrie Kahn, NPR NEWS Mexico CITY and I'm Jack Spear, NPR news In Washington. Support for NPR comes from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, supporting efforts to promote a just equitable and sustainable society in its hometown of Flint, Michigan, and communities around the world. More at my dot org and the listeners who support this NPR station. 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