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Next up. We have a case. That might might just seem a little bit familiar to you. The case of the parent family haunting in the winter of nineteen seventy the parent. Family moved into what they thought was third. Dream House in Rural Rhode Island. Everything seemed pretty normal at first other than it being winter with snow everywhere so the children were kind of forced to stay inside. Most of the time they were they were pretty. Big Family to to the house was alive and noisy with activity. You know how kids can get rambunctious doing what kids do. And as the mother of the Family Caroline Erin watched her children playing. Something haunted the back of her mind when they were first. Moving in the original owners gave a bizarre warning and it was the first indicator that something strange might be going on but it was very vague ing cryptic when the old owners for leaving told her for the sake of your family. Leave the lights on at night and it didn't take long for this worry that caroline had to shift into reality because when the weird stuff started it went straight utterly horrifying early into their stay at the home. Shoop woke up in the dead of night and solid create. This thing. She'd ever seen before her in. The darkness was an extremely tall woman in an old gray dress with her head hanging to the side. That looked like a sack of cobwebs and frozen with fear. Caroline could do nothing but stare at the entity until then it's mouth open gaping and naturally yelling. Get out get out a drive you out with death and gloom and it was this initial encounter that really sparked the supernatural activities in the home from that point on the paranormal became very normal the parent family inanimate objects with on their own without explanation and things would be found randomly were they were not left but the but the most unnerving part was at the children began to see spirits which caused a lot of panic however interestingly enough not all the ghosts were frightening or malicious and some. I guess could even be even have been considered benevolent like the entity. Miss Arnold who'd actually took the kids into bed at night kissing them on their foreheads hand everything and though that does sound pretty creepy the entity was by all accounts very motherly and comforting. Then there was the sweeping goes to was always heard but never seen and actually clean stuff like Wherever was heard sweeping in the background. There'd be dust piles and and you know just like the area tidied up. I guess only the sound of a phantom broom sweeping the floor signified its presence another nice apparition. Was that a young boy who hung himself in the attic of the farmhouse. Back in the seventeen hundreds. His name was Johnny Arnold and the girls basically treated him like a real life friend evening giving him a nickname called a man the entity would play with the children like normal kids would in always seemed interested in uplifting their spirits after some time of living with all this paranormal phenomena. Caroline decided to take it upon herself along with her husband to investigate history of the house. And let's just say she found some pretty disturbing things in the past. There had been eight generations the same family who had lived in the home and it turned out that they all pretty much either died in mysterious ways committed suicide or even outright murdered. There was even documentation of children who died by drowning. That could have possibly been killed by their own mother of woman who'd gone completely insane and turned her madness onto her family now. It is important to note that this investigation of homes history Ashley took place over the span of years so the parents family put up with this craziness for a long time even getting used to the unique spirits that roam the old house. It became so familiar with all the entities that they could even match experienced. The actual historical people that once lived there such as the benevolent Miss Arnold and the boy goes Johnny Arnold. They all turned out to be real life. Store fee true among many other confirmed once feel like people who are now entities that roam the home and the majority of the spirits seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that they were even dead but there were others that came off at least with the impression that they were very aware of the fear that they caused in the living the parent family such as a man with a crooked smile who used to appear in the corner of the girls room as they played and just stared at them. Overall though stereotypical poltergeist phenomena was a common thing there with furniture and household objects seemingly having a mind of their own doors and cut boards open closed by themselves and disembodied voices could be heard constantly nights despite all that for the most part the spirits did seem to be non aggress basically lost in their own world that didn't exist anymore and oblivious to the families presence but there were entities that were not happy that the family was there like the creepy bent neck lady who tow caroline to get out that one night when she was sleeping slowly but surely more and more malicious entities were making their presence known in the farmhouse. Where Johnny Arnold Hung Himself? There was especially active demonic type activity. Invisible HANDS WOULD ASSAULT FAMILY MEMBERS. Who went in there especially the young girls? They'd have their hair bowled by phantom hands and just really be terrified by unseen forces and consistently around five am operations. That reeked of rotting. Flesh looked the part would wake up the family members by messing with their bets tossing them out or even worse. The paranormal activity just escalated escalated. Eventually it got so bad that the family was basically assaulted in extremely traumatizing ways on a regular basis one particular night. A disembodied voice croaked out that seven soldiers were buried within their walls acclaim that they were murdered and left for eternity without justice. Enduring all these encounters with these militias entities. The bet neck lady continued to terrorize them. The whole way through slowly becoming or seemingly becoming more and more powerful eventually they discovered that this utterly nightmares entity's name in life was Bethsheba and the dark spirit had a particular hatred of the mother of the children. Caroline Pretty much for the most part focusing on her to mess with. Bethsheba seemed to have kind of a crush on her husband. If you're familiar with the conjuring movies that are based off of Ed and Lorraine Warren then this may kind of strike a chord of familiar. Because Bethsheba is the main antagonists in the conjuring movie and in real life was accused of killing her own children and being a practitioner of which crept eventually after years in years of enduring this traumatized and add up with all the paranormal activity. They finally contacted Ed and Lorraine Warren they hoped that the famous paranormal investigators could help them deal with their issues and you may wonder why would they stick around for all these years and during all this psych living nightmare kind of stuff? I know I wondered well. The parent family had nowhere else to go. They were trapped in the house because of financial reasons literally everything that they had an all of their savings and everything was put into this house. If they left not only would they be broke but they didn't have any other family to lean on. They'd be homeless so in the end. Ad IN THE REIGN. Warren was only hope for salvation. And the Warren's answered the call the psychic talents of Lorraine immediately picked up on all of the negative entities in the home in fact it was so saturated in the psych darkness that the couple pretty much immediately resorted to drastic measures with or add preaching his religious stuff and denouncing dark entities with fiery biblical or Tori and soon after arriving lorraine performed a Seitz. This really had a serious effect and stir up the pot. The entities in the house seemed to become a live from her psychic presents and everybody looked on in horror caroline because of nowhere she starts speaking to them in a foreign language that she could have had no way of knowing then suddenly after an abrupt stop and some violent jerking caroline was thrown about the room. Like a rag doll not to mention. The poltergeist activity in the home went crazy after this frightening experience. The warrants were definitely prepared to take on the case of the parent family haunting however unlike the movie version no matter what they did in their quest to cleanse the home of evil they actually just caused the paranormal activity.

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