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Fly Rosen Dale closed in both directions right now. Because of an accident top story. Delivering the state of the union a week later than originally scheduled because of the partial government shutdown. President Trump is hoping his message of unity hits home for all Americans in an effort to bridge ideological and social divides in the country agenda. I will lay out this evening is not a Republican agenda or a democrat agenda. It's the agenda of the American people says congress must work together to Kerr migrants from entering the US before the February fifteenth deadline. Congress has ten days left to pass a Bill that will fund our government, protect our homeland insecure are very dangerous southern border. Bipartisan committee is currently working on negotiating a Bill that includes funding for wall. Democrats highlighting the recent partial government shutdown as part of their official response to the state of the union address. Fox's Tom Graham fresh off a recent failed bid for Georgia's governor Stacey Abrams says she saw firsthand. And the pain caused by the latest partial government shutdown just a few weeks ago, I joined volunteers to distribute meals to furloughed federal workers, they waited in line for a box of food that the democrat blaming President Trump for the partial shutdown calling it a political stunt and her eleven minutes speech, also suggesting Republicans are out of touch with the middle class Abrahams. Also calling for stronger, gun control extending, Medicaid and spending more on education. Tom Graham, Fox News have more on the state of the union coming up after the news at five thirty five national correspondent, Mike Bauer will join Chuck and Kelly at seven oh five this morning for the third time in a month a Slinger Lund's couple is under arrest for fraudulent car sales. WGN wise. Mike, Patrick, Timothy and Kimberly Shaefer, again facing felony and misdemeanor charges for trying to sell junk vehicles to unsuspecting buyers. Investigators say they received numerous calls after the initial arrest of the couple of January seventh police say the couple continue. To try to sell vehicles under fraudulent pretenders, including rolling back car and truck dominators, most Schafer's are facing charges in Albany and comedy and are due back in court later this month. Mike, Patrick NewsRadio. Eight ten one zero three one WG y y morning news time five thirty three. More groups are standing up against a push for legalized marijuana in New York. State state PTA is asking lawmakers to reconsider the idea officials say they don't believe there's any benefit to society. They're also concerned about potential problems could pose to public health governor has made marijuana legalization a goal of this year's legislative session. Troy mayor Patrick Madden. Delivering his fourth state of the city address last night, saying the city is stronger more resilient and more optimistic in his remarks Madden said crime is going down and the fiscal stress rates as calculated by the state controller's office is down for the third year in a row some issues, however, still unresolved supporters of a resolution to label Troy, a sanctuary city gathered outside we're.

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