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8 early in the first half is the Colonials are in search of their first win streak of the season, Continuing a wild 24 hours in college football. A big school expected to land a big name Texas has ended. Tom Herman's for Your Run his head coach. And now they are reportedly close to a deal to bring Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Starkey Zeon toe Austin Now this will be an expensive move. Texas still owes Herman $15 million on his contract, his staff nearly 24 million Sarkies Ian on the brink of another national championship, so he won't be cheap, either Some breaking news regarding the Washington football teams next opponent. Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is going to take a year off from coaching. According to multiple reports. Schwartz. His contract expires. It's season season's end. And on the heels of a disappointing season in Philly, the 54 year old Baltimore native and Georgetown grad contemplating retirement. Also this hour. Ian Rappaport of NFL Media reporting Washington is planning to start Alex Smith for the Sunday night football game against the Eagles. Barring an unexpected to set back tomorrow morning, the Burgundy of Golden Bergen and Gold, of course. He'd only wind to clinch the NFC East title and a home wild card game next weekend. What could go wrong? Rob would fork W T OBY Sports. Thank you, Rob just ahead after traffic and weather restaurants won in court against an indoor dining band Now another industry and Anna Randall County is trying to get a win against the county when it comes to covert 19 restrictions. That story ahead. If you don't know PPC, if you don't know s E O if you don't know O t t If you don't know, targeted display, social Media Man website development, male market and you don't have to. All you need to know is 2060 digital. We can help you with the digital marketing your business needs but maybe doesn't understand or have time to execute. 2060 Digital is a Google premier partner. That may not mean a lot to you..

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